‘Leighannsays’ is the social media alter ego of Leigh Ann, born on November 11, a YouTube star who creates content related to beauty, makeup, product reviews, and travel. Now a viral online celebrity, Leigh Ann went from sharing simple makeup and hairstyling tips to having more than 800,000 subscribers on her main YouTube channel — she has two — and a similarly huge number of subscribers on her other social media channels.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Leigh Ann



Birth date:

November 11, 1987



Zodiac Sign:



5' 10.8"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$700 thousand

Leigh's Social Media:


Leigh Ann took the internet by storm when she first started out in 2010, and her followers have only increased since then. Her beauty hacks, reviews, and style tips have wowed legions of fans, all of whom praise her honesty and down-to-earth content, which makes them feel seen.

From a young age, Ann observed her mother and sisters putting on makeup, which taught her a little bit about different styles and techniques. She expanded on this knowledge when she began participating in plays and performances in school. A major chunk of her knowledge, as per Ann, came from watching popular YouTubers. Ann began learning their techniques, before going out and experimenting with makeup herself. That was when she realized she had her own style and tips that she could show the world. Initially, all she wanted with her YouTube channel was to share her knowledge with the world.

She began with one channel while she was still in college, posting content related to beauty and style, and eventually started a second channel called ‘LeighAnnVlogs,’ which, as the name indicates, includes vlogs with updates about the YouTube star’s life. Ann, who has collaborated with major brands like Maybelline, Ulta Beauty, and Nordstrom Rack, has maintained that she is only comfortable with sponsorships if she believes in the brand and products she’s promoting. It has also helped that she was familiar with the products said brands created and would vouch for them even before the collaborations.

The Houston native, born in 1987, doesn’t use her real name on social media, to maintain a semblance of privacy in her daily life, which includes a regular day job as a social media advertising expert. She didn’t have plans to quit either, at least in the beginning, as she believed life as a full-time YouTuber would not be good for her. She did eventually resign her position and is now a happy mom of a baby girl she had with her husband, Grant, in 2021. She vlogs and creates content full-time for her social media channels.

Career timeline

November 2010
The First Video

Ann's brand-new YouTube channel has its first video — “Outfit of the Day: Thanksgiving Edition.”

The University Graduate

Ann graduates from the University of Houston with a degree in Consumer Science and Merchandise, a degree she uses for her job as a social media advertising expert.

The First Speaking Engagement

Ann speaks at the first ever 'Simply Stylist' event in Dallas, a special convention for all fashion fans.

August 2021
The Motherhood Journey

Ann documents her entire motherhood journey, complete with sonogram images and trimester-based updates.

Why We Love Leighannsays

  1. Her content is awesome

    Her quirky outlook and carefree take on wallet-friendly fashion, beauty, and hair tips have helped her gain her status as a YouTube star. Moreover, her videos are very warm and inviting, and it helps that she’s nice, too!

  2. She’s good to her fans

    Ann makes sure to appreciate and be kind to her fans and is always gracious with people wanting her time. She even takes the time to respond to comments on her YouTube channel, an impressive feat considering the size of her audience and the number of comments she gets per video.

  3. She’s very relatable

    Ann is from a normal background and she says and does everyday normal stuff. Her tips on a budget are a major part of the appeal to her audience, which includes mostly college students.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She and Bunny Meyer are friends

    Plenty of Leigh Ann's earlier videos feature her friend and fellow YouTuber 'grav3yardgirl,' who also goes by Bunny Meyer.

  2. She shared her motherhood journey

    From her struggles with infertility to her baby’s birth and subsequent illness — Ann has shared it all with her followers.

  3. She met Grant on a dating site

    Ann and Grant first met because of a dating website, and their first date was in a tiki-themed restaurant.

  4. She prefers to live away from spotlights

    While most YouTubers work out of Los Angeles or New York, Ann has no immediate plans to relocate there, and presently only travels for networking or conventions.

  5. She calls herself shy

    Ann has self-identified as an introvert and says public speaking takes effort for her.

Leighannsays FAQs

What’s the update on Leighannsays baby?

Leigh Ann and her husband Grant welcomed a daughter in August 2021.

What are Leigh Ann and Grant’s last name?

Leigh Ann and Grant have never revealed their last name to the world, preferring to keep their privacy.

What is wrong with Leighannsays baby?

While Leigh Ann hasn’t given any official confirmation about what is plaguing her daughter, her post-birth posts indicate baby Lucy has had multiple hospital visits and needs to recover.

Leighannsays’s birthday dates

2024November 11Monday
2025November 11Tuesday
2026November 11Wednesday
2027November 11Thursday
2028November 11Saturday

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