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Richard Eichhorn, better known by his stage name Richie Rich, and born on November 11, 1970, is an American fashion designer, socialite, television personality, figure skater, and musician. Eichhorn was born in the New York Metropolitan Area but his family moved to San Jose, California when he was young. While in California, he studied theater and participated in figure skating competitions. Eichhorn rose to prominence as a member of the club of personalities known as ‘Club Kids’ who were a staple on the New York City club scene alongside Amanda Lepore and others. Eichhorn established the famous Heatherette clothing line in 1999 together with Traver Rains.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Richard Eichhorn

Birth date:

November 11, 1970



Zodiac Sign:



5' 6"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$5 million

Richard's Social Media:


Richard Eichhorn’s — or Richie Rich as he is popularly known — family relocated from New York to California when he was three years old, where he grew up. He was born on November 11, 1970. Eichhorn’s astrological sign is Scorpio. He got the nickname “Richie Rich” because of the taunting of other kids. Eichhorn began figure skating at a young age with the well-known Ice Capades. He used to sneak out of the house as a teenager to go to clubs in San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury area to listen to music. Julie Jules Jewels encouraged Eichhorn to enter the Club Kid Style Summit competition in which Eichhorn won a trip to New York City to host the Club U.S.A. debut.

Eichhorn was chosen to travel as an Ice Capades skater under the direction of two-time Emmy winner Sarah Kawahara. Eichhorn built a reputation for himself by going to events with D.J. Keoki and Michael Alig and attracting attention with his dramatic clown-punk makeup and garish, self-made attire. He founded his fashion company Heatherette together with Rains during the 2001 New York Fashion Week. The company was introduced during a runway show during the New York fashion week that included a David LaChapelle-directed video starring Amanda Lepore. Later, his company Heatherette would be featured in well-known magazines including “Vogue,” “Teen Vogue,” “Vanity Fair,” and “G.Q..” Eichhorn and M.A.C. Cosmetics collaborated on a line of products, Heatherette for M.A.C., that had Eichhorn and Rains’ artwork on the cardboard package. Eichhorn was appointed fashion director of a virtual beauty club in the year 2020.

Eichhorn made appearances as a Club Kid on chat shows and was the main character in Ashton Kutcher’s sitcom “The Beautiful Life.”

Career timeline

Hosts the Opening of Club U.S.A.

Eichhorn wins Club U.S.A. and hosts the Club Kid Style Summit competition.

He Launches a Fashion Company

Eichhorn establishes his clothing line Heatherette together with Traver Rains.

He Collaborates with M.A.C. Cosmetics

Richie debuts Heatherette for M.A.C. Cosmetics in a joint effort with the beauty brand.

Eichhorn’s Beauty Line PopuLuxe Debut

His cosmetics line premieres at Lincoln Center during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

Eichhorn Becomes a Beauty Club Fashion Director

He is appointed the virtual beauty club Beauty Kween’s Fashion Director.

Why We Love Richie Rich

  1. We admire his dedication to fashion

    Eichhorn has a remarkable passion for fashion, given that he co-founded the clothing label Heatherette, which has featured in publications like “Vogue” and “Teen Vogue.” We love a fashion icon!

  2. We love the Eichhorn cosmetics line

    His companies make great products. PopuLuxe and Villionaire products are popular in America.

  3. He is an inspiring entrepreneur

    Eichhorn has co-founded several fashion and cosmetics businesses throughout his career. We are in awe of his dedication and eye for business.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Began skating with the prominent Ice Capades

    Eichhorn began figure skating as a child with the renowned Ice Capades.

  2. He was a guest reality show judge

    Eichhorn has appeared as a guest judge on the reality show “America’s Next Top Model.”

  3. His fashion company is defunct

    Heatherette, the apparel line he co-founded with Traver Rains, is no longer operational.

  4. Growing up, he was into ice skating

    Eichhorn aspired to compete in the Olympics.

  5. The original club kid

    Eichhorn was one of the original club personalities of the renowned club kid era in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s.

Richie Rich FAQs

Who is Richie Rich?

He is an American fashion designer whose real name is Richard Eichhorn.

How old is Richie Rich today?

He is 52 years old.

What country is Richie Rich from?

He is from the United States.

Richie Rich’s birthday dates

2024November 11Monday
2025November 11Tuesday
2026November 11Wednesday
2027November 11Thursday
2028November 11Saturday

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