Apollo Nida

Apollo Nida is a well-known reality T.V. star who was born on November 19, 1978, in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. He is the ex-husband of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Phaedra Parks, with whom he co-founded the fitness company Phine Body. Nida and Parks share two children, Ayden and Dylan. They married in 2009 but divorced in 2017. The same year, he married Sherien Almufti. We will help you celebrate the birthday of this popular star right here.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Apollo Nida

Birth date:

November 19, 1978



Zodiac Sign:



6' 0"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$400 thousand

Apollo's Social Media:


Apollo Nida was born on November 19, 1978, in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. His mother is named Katrina Toohey. Nida has an older sister named Everett Nida, and they had a humble upbringing. He is an American citizen with German and Afro-American ancestry. Nida is a high school graduate who worked as a car repo man after graduating.

Nida was a regular person until he met his ex-wife, Phaedra Parks. He rose to prominence as the ex-husband of the American attorney, mortician, producer, and actress. They married on November 1, 2009, after dating for a while. The ex-couple has two sons, Dylan Nida and Ayden Nida. Nida and his ex-wife appeared on the show “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” in 2010. He also starred in “Home & Family” in 2013 and “Bethenny” in 2014. Nida co-founded a fitness company called Phine Body with his ex-wife.

He is currently dating Sherien Almufti, a.k.a. Queen Sherien, a Jordanian realtor and real estate investor. They continue to share each other’s photos on their respective social media accounts. In the year 2017, Nida proposed to Almufti.

Career timeline

[“The Real Housewives of Atlanta”

Nida appears for the first time in the episode ‘New Attitude’ of the reality T.V. show “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

A Guest on “Home & Family”

Nida is a guest in an episode of the talk show, "Home & Family."

Debating on the “Bethenny” show

Nida appears as a guest in the episode ‘RHOA Husbands Peter Thomas, Apollo Nida, & Gregg Leakes/Mom Debate: Parenting Rules/How to Score: Cracking the Credit Code’ on the talk show, “Bethenny.”

Becoming the Guest of Honor

Nida is honored at the Celebrating Apollo Nida Freedom party, which is hosted by Peter Thomas.

Why We Love Apollo Nida

  1. He created new beginnings

    Nida had to spend some time in jail because of his previous mistakes, but he has learned from them. He is now trying to become a better version of himself, which inspires his fans to do well in life.

  2. He gives back to his community

    Nida has achieved success through endorsements and business ventures. Nevertheless, he has not abandoned his community; he devotes his time and energy to anything that can benefit others. Nida also works to improve the appearance and organization of his neighborhood, and he shares news about his efforts with fans to inspire them to do good for others.

  3. He maintains a healthy lifestyle

    Nida leads a healthy lifestyle, eating well and working out regularly. He uses his social media to update his fans on his fitness progress and to encourage them to become healthier.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He earns from brand endorsements

    Nida tasted popularity for the first time after appearing on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," and he now earns money through brand endorsements.

  2. He was a good student

    Nida had always been an excellent student, thriving in school and receiving high marks since he was a child.

  3. He is a talent agent

    Nida is a talent agent in addition to his other skills, and he has a dedicated Instagram account under the name @hidefpromos.

  4. He runs a business with Queen Sherien

    Nida assists Sherien in running her Amazon business, Queen Sherien's Picks, where she sells health, beauty, and household products.

  5. He enjoys playing “Monopoly”

    In his spare time, Nida enjoys playing the popular board game with his friends and family.

Apollo Nida FAQs

How did Apollo Nida meet Phaedra Parks?

Nida met Parks through a mutual friend in 1995.

How many years did Apollo Nida serve in jail?

Nida spent five years in federal prison before being released in July 2019.

Is Apollo Nida a public speaker?

Nida is a public speaker in addition to being a reality star, fitness mogul, celebrity ambassador, philanthropist, and brand endorser.

Apollo Nida’s birthday dates

2024November 19Tuesday
2025November 19Wednesday
2026November 19Thursday
2027November 19Friday
2028November 19Sunday

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