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Take Your Family to School Week – February 17-21, 2025

We are observing Take Your Family to School Week, which coincides with National PTA Founders’ Day celebrated on February 17. This year, it takes place from February 17 to 21. It is a week dedicated to taking the families of students to meet the teachers. P.T.A. is an abbreviation for Parent-Teacher Association. It is an organization that aims to make schools a better place for children to learn and explore. Parent-teacher interactions are important for the well-being and development of students. Through P.T.A.s, parents and teachers can learn more about the children and how to help them achieve their maximum potential.

History of Take Your Family to School Week

A world without schools and homework! That is a dream shared by most students in their school-going years. But once they pass the school age, they will realize that the school days are the most beautiful in their lives. Education in its most primitive form is as old as humans. Parents passed on their knowledge to their children during the ancient days. There was no school in those days, and parents were the only teachers that children knew.

Things changed as we became more civilized and started to live in river-based settlements. Parents were then focused on agriculture and town planning and had little time to educate their children. The first form of an official education system can be traced back to the Xia dynasty in China. There, the government built schools to educate the elite classes in literature, archery, and other rituals. Similar educational systems can be found in other civilizations such as Egypt and India. These school systems relied entirely on the experience of the teacher.

Modern schooling is a bit different. Now, parents are as much an integral part of the schooling system as teachers. The P.T.A. was formed to make sure the students get the best out of both parents and teachers. The organization ensures the system helps students realize their full potential and become successful adults in the future. Take Your Family to School Week is an initiative by the P.T.A. to get parents to find some time in their busy schedule to discuss their children with their teacher.

Take Your Family to School Week timeline

The Birth of the National P.T.A.

Alice McLellan Birney and Phoebe Apperson Hearst start the National Congress of Mothers.

February 17, 1987
The First National Congress of Mothers

More than 2,000 parents attend the first convocation of the National Congress of Mothers.

National Congress of Colored Parents and Teachers

Selena Sloan Butler forms the organization to advocate for African American children in segregated communities.

The Unified P.T.A.

The National Congress of Parents and Teachers merges with the National Congress of Colored Parents and Teachers in Atlanta.

Take Your Family to School Week FAQs

What country is number one in education?

The United States of America.

Is the Parent-Teacher Association a charity?

P.T.A.s are involved in charity activities and they should register if they are separate from the school they support.

Why is family important in education?

Most studies and experience prove that students’ performance improves drastically when their parents are involved in their education.

Take Your Family to School Week Activities

  1. Share about the origin of the P.T.A.

    People often think of the P.T.A. as a new thing. But it has history and we need to share it.

  2. Visit your child’s school

    Are you a parent with a school-going child? Plan a visit to the school this week and meet with your kid’s teachers.

  3. Arrange activities in the P.T.A.

    The P.T.A. is an organization that should be working for the welfare of the students. Arrange activities that can complement the performance of the students.

5 Amazing Facts About Schools That You Should Know

  1. The oldest school

    China has the world’s oldest school, the Shishi High School located in Chengdu.

  2. The largest school

    City Montessori School in India is the largest in terms of the number of students.

  3. The oldest school starters

    Children in Finland only start school when they turn seven.

  4. Boat schools in Bangladesh

    There are more than 100 boat schools in Bangladesh to counter the periodic floods.

  5. The shortest school year

    Students in France have three days off every week.

Why We Love Take Your Family to School Week

  1. Schools mold children

    Schools are places where children develop into future adults. We love schools and any activity that helps our children develop better.

  2. Parents and teachers go hand in hand

    Children are the future of every nation. There is a high emphasis on education all over the world and good relations and understanding between parents and teachers are important for that.

  3. Understanding the school structure is important

    Parents should be aware of how students perform in school. We love this week as it helps bring parents and teachers together toward the betterment of children.

Take Your Family to School Week dates

2022February 14Monday
2023February 13Monday
2024February 12Monday
2025February 17Monday
2026February 16Monday

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