Parents holidays are not solely for celebrating our moms, dads, and guardians, but they’re over 30 different days that give us a reason to spend more time with our children. Whether we’re celebrating Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or National I Care About You Day, at the end of the day what we’re celebrating is the love that binds us as a family and the people that not only raised us, but continue to serve as mentors even as we’re adults parents ourselves.

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National Foster Care Month, , ,
Back to School Month ,
National Breastfeeding Month,
Baby Safety Month, , , ,
​National Bullying Prevention Month, ,
National Family Caregivers Month, ,
National Scholarship Month,
Safe Toys and Gifts Month,
Jan 12 Wednesday
National Youth Day,
Jan 18 Tuesday
National Winnie the Pooh Day, ,
Jan 28 Friday
National Lego Day, ,
Feb 4 Friday
Give Kids A Smile,
Feb 8 Tuesday
National Kite-Flying Day, ,
Mar 4 Friday
National Sons Day, ,
Mar 17 Thursday
Absolutely Incredible Kid Day®,
Mar 20 Sunday
National Single Parent Day, ,
Apr 21 Thursday
National Kindergarten Day,
May 16 Sunday
Take Your Parents To The Playground Day, ,
Jun 16 Wednesday
International Day of the African Child, ,
Jun 20 Sunday
Father's Day, , ,
Jul 25 Sunday
National Parents’ Day, , ,
Jul 30 Friday
National Father-in-Law Day, , ,
Sep 3 Friday
National Lazy Mom’s Day,
Sep 15 Wednesday
National School Backpack Awareness Day,
Sep 25 Saturday
National Daughters Day, ,
Oct 4 Monday
National Child Health Day,
Oct 6 Wednesday
National Coaches Day, ,
National Walk and Bike to School Day,
Oct 15 Friday
National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day, ,
Oct 25 Monday
​National I Care About You Day, ,
Nov 2 Tuesday
Day of the Dead, , ,
Nov 18 Thursday
Mickey Mouse’s Birthday, , , ,
Nov 20 Saturday
National Adoption Day, ,
Mar 22-28
​National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week,
Sep 19-25
​Child Passenger Safety Awareness Week, , ,