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Universal Father's Week – June 17-23, 2024

Universal Father’s Week celebrated in the third week of June every year, is nothing but a special tribute to all those hard-working, selfless, caring, lovable, funny, quirky, strict, jovial, and awesome fathers out there. This year, it is observed from June 17 to 23. Did you know that we are more like our dads? Yes, genetically speaking, mammals — we humans are also mammals — are more like their fathers than their mothers. Even though we get the same amount of genetic mutations from our parents, we actually use more of the D.N.A. we get from our dads. So, now you know where you get your long yawns, selfless characters, and other amazing characters from! If you want to treat your father to a little something special then check out our gift guide.

History of Universal Father's Week

Don’t get us wrong, being a mother is tough and there’s no question about it. But make no mistake, being a father isn’t an easy-breezy walk on the part, either. Every year during the third week of June, people worldwide celebrate Universal Father’s Week with the sole aim of recognizing the important role fathers play in the lives of families. If you’re going to celebrate this day, you can even celebrate all men who had been father figures to you!

People make a special effort for their fathers or father figures during Universal Father’s Week. Some pay them visits, while others send them cards, flowers, or other presents. However, the most essential thing to remember on this day is to recognize their efforts in shaping you into a better person. They may have given their sweat and blood to provide you with a comfortable life, and all they ask in return is for you to be happy. This is who fathers are — selfless spirits who sacrifice everything for their kids.

Even when a man becomes a new father and struggles to cope with the mental pressures of being a new father, the father’s stress and pressures go away when seeing the face of the child for the first time. In fact, research has shown that when fathers are involved in their child’s education, the child performs better in school, learns more, and exhibits healthier behavior. So, all we are trying to say is that just chill and love your fathers! You don’t need expensive gifts to win them over, just your love.

Universal Father's Week timeline

An Event That Honors Fathers

The first event that explicitly honors fathers takes place in the United States.

Father’s Day

While initially called Fathers’ Day, the day officially became Father’s Day.

President Woodrow’s Father’s Day

President Woodrow attempts to make Father's Day a national holiday.

Father’s Day Spending Reaches New Heights

People begin spending more on gifts on Father’s Day.

Universal Father's Week FAQs

Is Father’s Day and Universal Father’s Week different?

Yes. Although both these celebrations fall on the third week of June, in the United States, Father’s Day falls on the third Sunday in June and Universal Father’s Week is celebrated in the whole third week of June.

What are the best gifts to buy on Universal Father’s Week?

Honestly, it doesn’t matter what you gift your father on Father’s Week, all you need to do is, give it with love. Moreover, dads are hard to buy for, especially when they insist they don’t need anything.

How many father's days are there in the world?

The tradition can be found in over 111 countries around the world. However, Father’s Day falls on different dates depending on each country’s own tradition.

Universal Father's Week Activities

  1. Love your fathers

    The best way to celebrate Universal Father’s Week is by loving them unconditionally. They do not ask for gifts or thank you notes, your simple love is enough for them.

  2. Spend time with them

    One of the impactful ways in which you can celebrate Universal Father’s Week is by spending time with your father. If you live far away from them, drive to them and have dinner with them.

  3. Share your story

    Think about an important lesson your father had taught you and how it had helped your life. If you are a father now, teach it to your child. You can also use social media and tell the world about it.

5 Cool Facts About Fathers That Will Stun You

  1. The secret behind dad-talk

    Dads' voices are usually steady, so they speak to their children as if they were adults.

  2. The primary super shoppers

    More than half of dads say they are the family's primary grocery shopper.

  3. People suffer without dads

    One out of every three children in the U.S. lives in homes without a father.

  4. Single father special

    There are more than two million single fathers in the U.S.

  5. World’s oldest father

    Ramajit Raghav from India became a father when he was 96 years old.

Why We Love Universal Father's Week

  1. They deserve love

    Universal Father’s Week is a much-needed holiday that spreads that acts as a tribute to history’s greatest unsung heroes — fathers! Don’t hold yourself back on this day, show your appreciation.

  2. Fathers are everything

    You might have a row with your father now and again, and it happens for everyone in adolescence, but always remember father is a gatekeeper who instructs, protects, directs, and loves you. Treasure them on this day.

  3. Fathers are superheroes

    Fathers are nothing short of superheroes, they will battle zombies for you, coach soccers, stand up against your bully, and race before the morning traffic to take you to school! Give them some love!

Universal Father's Week dates

2022June 20Monday
2023June 19Monday
2024June 17Monday
2025June 16Monday
2026June 15Monday

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