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YMA Day – June 15, 2024

YMA Day is celebrated in the Indian State of Mizoram on June 15 every year. It commemorates the establishment and foundation of the Young Mizo Association, the largest non-profit organization for the Mizo people in India. As a government holiday, all schools, universities, businesses, and government institutions are closed during this day. Instead, Y.M.A. members in different localities and villages join together to provide social services such as the construction of houses for the homeless people, cleanliness drives, donating to orphanages, and planting trees. It’s a day dedicated to not only celebrating the social organization but also continuing its philanthropic legacy.

History of YMA Day

The founding of the Young Mizo Association (Y.M.A.) took place in 1935 when Christianity had overshadowed the traditional Mizo lifestyle of the people in Mizoram State. On the evening of June 3, 1935, there was a thunderstorm right after a Christian service, which made the Welsh missionaries and Mizo leaders go to the residence of Kattie Hughes. They had a cup of tea while waiting for the thunderstorm to stop. During this encounter, they thought of a proposal that would unite all the Mizo people together. Initially, the proposed name for the organization was Young Mizo Christian Association to rhyme with Young Men’s Christian Association (Y.M.C.A.). However, Reverend David Edward came up with the name “Young Lushai Associations.” They all unanimously agreed to this name and the organization was formally inaugurated on June 15, 1935. It was pioneered by Mizo Christians. Its main member is the Mizoram State, adjoined by Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Nagaland, and Tripura. Ultimately, the name was changed to “Young Mizo Association” on October 7, 1947.

The Y.M.A. has three main aims and objectives: good use of leisure; the development of the Mizo society, and to revere Christian ethics. Moreover, they also have 10 commandments, which are self-discipline and righteousness, good management of family, being just and truthful, tolerance, politeness, chivalry and usefulness, social commitment, respect for religion, the preservation of culture, and abstinence from liquor and drugs.

The organization’s emblem is a torch with flames shaped in the abbreviation of Y.M.A., with three stems below it and 10 sparks above it. The three stems symbolize the three main objectives of the organization, while the ten sparks represent their 10 commandments.

YMA Day timeline

June 3, 1935
The Inception of the Young Lushai Organization

Welsh missionaries and Mizo people come up with the idea of forming an organization that would unite the Mizo people.

June 15, 1935
The Foundation of the Organization

The Y.L.A. is officially inaugurated, pioneered by Mizo Christians.

October 7, 1945
Renaming the Organization

The Y.L.A.’s name is officially changed to the Young Mizo Association (Y.M.A.).

October 1973
The Y.M.A.’s First Magazine Publication

The Y.M.A. publishes 10,000 copies of its first magazine, “YMA CHANCHINBU.”


Who was the first president of the Y.M.A.?

The first president was Pu Niara.

How many members does the Y.M.A. have?

The Y.M.A. currently has over 250,000 members.

Is YMA Day celebrated in all of India?

It’s only celebrated in Mizoram and its neighboring states.

How to Observe YMA Day

  1. Participate in a cleanliness drive

    Mizo locals make their cleanliness drive program an annual tradition. It’s a day when residents gather to clean the street walls, properly dispose of garbage, and sweep the road. There’s a sense of community during this day where people unite for a cause.

  2. Donate to orphanages

    Mizoram State has a big number of orphan population. Annually, people would observe YMA Day by donating to their local orphanages. You can donate directly to any orphanages, or simply approach any non-profit organizations dedicated to supporting orphanages in the state.

  3. Construct houses

    Another philanthropic cause you can participate in is building houses. From repairs to construction from the ground up, these groups could use as much manpower as possible to make their house-building projects faster and more efficient.

5 Interesting Facts About The Y.M.A.

  1. The emblem’s three colors

    The Y.M.A.’s tri-colored emblem symbolizes brightness (red), sanctity (white), and compassion for the poor (black).

  2. The age requirement

    The Y.M.A.’s age requirement for membership is 14 years and above.

  3. The Young Lushai Association’s name origin

    The name Young Lushai Association was meant to sound like the Young Wales Association in Wales.

  4. The Y.M.A.’s president

    Vanlalruata was elected president from 2017 to 2019 and was re-elected from 2019 to 2021.

  5. Voluntary membership

    The Y.M.A. membership is not compulsory for all Mizo locals.

Why YMA Day is Important

  1. It’s philanthropic

    It’s always good to support charitable causes. As an organization dedicated to philanthropy, it gives people the opportunity to help other people.

  2. It supports anti-drug use

    Drug use is prevalent in India, especially among the youth. The Y.M.A. is dedicated to eradicating this social problem.

  3. It preserves values

    There’s a tendency for people to forget about their religious values, especially in modern times. YMA Day helps to preserve that by celebrating and respecting Christian ethics.

YMA Day dates

2024June 15Saturday
2025June 15Sunday
2026June 15Monday
2027June 15Tuesday
2028June 15Thursday

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