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SunApr 21

National Kindergarten Day – April 21, 2024

Get out your crayons and flash cards — it’s time for National Kindergarten Day!

April 21 is the birthday of the German educator Friedrich Fröbel, who founded the first play and activity institute called kindergarten in 1837. (Kindergarten’s actually a mid-19th century German word literally meaning “children’s garden.”) But you already knew that.

According to Fröbel, young children should follow their own interests and freely explore them. That’s why kindergartens include singing, dancing, and creative play.

We need to find our nap mat just thinking about it.

National Kindergarten Day timeline

Kindergarten born

Friedrich Fröbel coined the word kindergarten for the play and activity institute he had founded for young children.

Fröbel College

Followers of Fröbel establish a college of teacher education in London to continue his traditions.

Head Start

President Johnson's "War on Poverty" led to the Head Start program — designed to help communities meet the needs of disadvantaged preschool children.

Mississippi went to kindergarten

This state was the last to create a public kindergarten program.

National Kindergarten Day Activities

  1. Appreciate your child's kindergarten teacher

    They can make a lifelong impression on your kids.

  2. Volunteer to help at a kindergarten

    Opportunities might exist for parents to take part in classroom activities.

  3. Read about Friedrich Fröbel

    He was a visionary whose philosophy can teach every parent how they can help children stay creative and curious.

4 Things To Consider During Naptime

  1. Kindergarteners in the U.S.

    About 3.5 million students enroll in kindergarten every year!

  2. Different states, different rules

    Nearly all states require school districts to provide some form of kindergarten, but only 18 require attendance.

  3. Kindergarten age requirements

    Kids in most states start at age five. New York, New Jersey, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania will admit certain students before their fifth birthday.

  4. The Prussian government once banned it

    Friedrich Fröbel's idea was considered so unorthodox that the Prussian government banned it for some time. However, the idea spread to Europe and the rest of the word.

Why We Love National Kindergarten Day

  1. Creativity

    Kindergartens encourage children to express themselves artistically.

  2. It fuels a child's curiosity

    Curiosity and interest-driven learning are at the heart of kindergarten teaching.

  3. Kindergartens foster independence

    Putting away your belongings, turning in your work, and tying your shoelaces are small but big things children learn along the way.

National Kindergarten Day dates

2024April 21Sunday
2025April 21Monday
2026April 21Tuesday
2027April 21Wednesday
2028April 21Friday

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