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Please Take My Children to Work Day

Please Take My Children to Work Day – June 25, 2024

Please Take My Children to Work Day is celebrated on June 25 every year. It is a day when stay-at-home parents can ask their partners or friends to take their children to work with them so that they can get a break from full-time parenting and recharge their batteries. It is a great way to lower your stress levels and take out some quality time for yourself without feeling guilty about neglecting your kids.

History of Please Take My Children to Work Day

Even though there are many households in which both parents are working, some homes still have at least one stay-at-home parent. At least that was the case in 2003 when Jen Singer was inspired to start a new tradition in which stay-at-home parents could enjoy a full day to themselves by sending their kids off to the office with their partners or friends.

Jen Singer runs the popular, award-winning parenting blog called On her blog, she writes about her experiences of raising two sons and the challenges that come with it. The blog became very popular since there were few such blogs at that time that addressed parenting in such an open and humorous way.

Although this is not an official national holiday, parents across the United States gave Singer their support when she proposed that Please Take My Children to Work Day be celebrated every year. As people’s awareness about the importance of stress management grew, more aligned themselves with Singer’s campaign and began observing this day.

Parenting can be very stressful, especially for parents who assume the full-time responsibility of looking after all their kids’ needs, be it their schooling, recreation, diet, and playtime. Moreover, since such parents do not get a change of environment, the stress simply keeps adding up to the point where it begins to take a toll on their health.

This is exactly what Singer meant when she began talking about the need for stress relief for stay-at-home parents. Even though she proposed the idea as a fun way to address parenting stress, Please Take My Children to Work Day has become a symbolic recognition of the difficulties that stay-at-home parents have to deal with daily.

Please Take My Children to Work Day timeline

2003 is Launched

Jen Singer launches her parenting blog for moms.

MommaSaid is Recognized

“Forbes” magazine awards MommaSaid with a Best of the Web designation.

A Major Challenge

Jen Singer is diagnosed with stage three cancer.

Official Recognition by Colorado

Please Take My Children to Work Day is celebrated in the state of Colorado.

Please Take My Children to Work Day FAQs

How can I ensure my kids behave at the workplace?

Prepare a list of dos and don’ts with them and carry out a mock rehearsal if needed. The excitement of going with their parents to their workplace can motivate kids to be on their best behavior. 

How do I convince my partner to take the kids to work?

Try talking to them about how you have been feeling lately and how much their support would mean to you. By talking about our feelings, we can help our partners see things from our perspective.  

What if the workplace is not safe for kids?

The point is to have some time at home enjoying a break from parenting. If your partner works in a factory or other environment that is not safe for kids, try asking a close friend or even your parents to take your kids to work. 

How to Celebrate Please Take My Children to Work Day

  1. Schedule a spa appointment

    Getting a spa treatment is one of the best ways to pamper yourself and relax your stressed nerves. Depending on what works for you, get yourself a simple head massage or a full-body massage treatment. You can also go for the added manicure and pedicure to get that clean, pampered look. With no other appointments or worries about picking up the kids from school, you can enjoy your spa treatment to the fullest.

  2. Meet up with old friends

    A good way to enjoy yourself is to contact an old friend you haven’t spoken with for a while and set up a lunch date with them. By talking about old times and learning about their lives you can find yourself reflecting on your own journey and thinking about ways in which you can manage your life in a better way.

  3. Take care of your own chores

    If you don’t feel like leaving the house, simply enjoy the day getting your own stuff sorted around the house. Simple things like cleaning out your wardrobe, looking after your plants, or going through some old belongings can be quite relaxing and can help to center your mind. By the time the kids are back, you should be in a much more relaxed mood.

5 Facts About Parenting Stress That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Parenting stress is scientifically recognized

    According to psychologists, parenting stress is a reality that parents experience when they have fewer resources to meet parenting demands.

  2. Social support helps

    Research shows that reaching out to a family member or trusted friend can help in reducing parenting stress.

  3. Media exposure increases parenting stress

    Studies show that comparing yourself with social media content that shows happy parents increases feelings of inadequacy.

  4. Parenting stress can be reinforced

    Stay-at-home parents who perceive themselves as inferior to other parents often experience higher parenting stress.

  5. Planning can help

    Planning a daily list of tasks and activities can help to reduce parenting stress.

Why we love Please Take My Children to Work Day

  1. It is great for mental health

    Too many stay-at-home dads and moms suffer from mental stress. Being around children all day and dealing with their different issues has a negative impact on physical as well as mental health. By celebrating Please Take My Children to Work Day, stay-at-home moms and dads can enjoy a much-deserved break from all that stress and restore their mental health.

  2. It helps in distributing parental responsibilities

    By celebrating Please Take My Children to Work Day, parents who normally can’t spend time with their kids all day get at least one day a year to spend with them. This not only helps them to bond with their children, but they also begin to appreciate the hard work that their partners put in to look after the kids all day.

  3. It is good exposure for the kids

    Kids also learn the importance of both parents in their lives. By observing their mom or dad at their workplace, they can get inspired about their own career goals and how they want to make their living. It makes them feel proud of their parents and appreciate their sacrifices.

Please Take My Children to Work Day dates

2024June 25Tuesday
2025June 25Wednesday
2026June 25Thursday
2027June 25Friday
2028June 25Sunday

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