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National Leon Day
TueJun 25

National Leon Day – June 25, 2024

National Leon Day, celebrated on June 25 every year, marks the exact halfway point in the year to Christmas. We don’t know about you, but we certainly look forward to the cold winter Christmas morning when we get to indulge in a Christmas spread and wear those ugly sweaters that get taken out especially for the occasion. Today is also the day for avid crafters to start planning their Christmas decor and gift ideas. You can get the most expensive gifts, but the ones that you’ve put a lot of thought into will always emerge as the ultimate winners.

History of National Leon Day

Honored on June 25 each year, National Leon Day gives us an excuse to celebrate an extremely festive occasion, just for the sake of celebrating it. ‘Leon’ is ‘noel’ spelled backward, and it means ‘to be born’ in Latin. In Ecclesiastes, which is one of the Ketuvim (writings) from the Hebrew bible, Jesus’ birth is referred to as ‘natalis’. A version of ‘natalis’ is ‘nael’, which was used in Old French and referred to the Christmas season. Another variation of the word exists in Middle English, too, where it was called ‘nowel’. In the modern day and age, ‘noel’ means Christmas as well as Christmas carols and songs.

June 25 marks the point when this year’s Christmas starts coming closer than last year’s Christmas. It is a time for the enthusiastic Christmas planner to start getting the planning and preparation underway. Crafters start looking for decor and gift options. Many also take advantage of special one-day sales on Christmas items as stores and centers put out items on display. Families and friends also hold mini-Christmas parties by coming together to enjoy dinner and listening to Christmas music. Charity organizations run fundraising drives to remind people of the importance of donating all year round, and not just during the Christmas season.

National Leon Day timeline

450–200 B.C.
‘Natalis’ Mention in Ecclesiastes

Ecclesiastes, an excerpt from the Hebrew bible, refers to Jesus’ birth as ‘natalis’.

13–14th Centuries
‘The First Noel’ of Cornish Origins

The Christmas Carol ‘The First Noel’ is of Cornish origins when Europe is going through the Proto-Renaissance period.

White House Ban on Christmas Trees

President Teddy Roosevelt bans the use of Christmas trees in the White House due to deforestation and his commitment to conservation.

First American Christmas Postage Stamp

America issues the first Christmas postage stamp to be used for circulation.

National Leon Day FAQs

When is National Leon Day?

National Leon Day is celebrated on June 25 each year. 

Why is it called Leon Day?

It is called Leon Day because it gets its name from ‘noel’, which is ‘to be born’ in Latin. 

What does Leon mean at Christmas?

Leon Day is another way of celebrating Advent, which is marking all the key dates on a calendar in order to honor Christ.

How To Celebrate National Leon Day

  1. Plan for Christmas

    Use this day as a chance to start planning your Christmas. You can look into the type of gifts you want to give, and the type of decor you will want. You can also use this day to plan any Christmas outings you may have in mind.

  2. Wear your ugly Christmas sweaters or shirts

    If you do not wear an ugly Christmas sweater, are you even celebrating Christmas? Yes, we know it’s summer, and who wears a sweater in this sweltering heat? But otherwise, take this day as the chance to make an ugly Christmas shirt at home.

  3. Listen to Christmas carols

    Dance and sing along to some Christmas tunes. You can create a Christmas playlist, or you can go random by finding other Christmas music playlists available online.

5 Facts About Christmas That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. The first song in space

    The first song to be played in space was ‘Jingle Bells’ aboard NASA’s Gemini 6A.

  2. Christmas stockings came from a legend

    The tradition of hanging Christmas stockings came from the story of a poor widower who was worried about the marriage of his three daughters.

  3. Japan celebrates Christmas with KFC

    In Japan, people order KFC for Christmas meals, with orders being placed at least two months in advance.

  4. Christmas trees grow for 15 years

    Christmas trees are usually grown for 15 years before they are put up for sale.

  5. Christmas time is popular for breakups

    A study showed that the period before and after Christmas is the most popular for breakups.

Why We Love National Leon Day

  1. It’s a celebration of a celebration

    Humans are amazing creatures who crave a reason for celebrations. Our lives can often be too hectic and tiring, so National Leon Day can be an excuse to pull out our party wear for a relaxing and fun day.

  2. It’s a celebration of planning

    While we do love spontaneity every now and then, there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing all your plans coming to fruition in all their glory. Thoughtfulness, sincerity, and ingenuity go a long way when it comes to planning for special festivals, and Christmas prep is no different.

  3. It’s a celebration of Christmas

    Christmas is a time of merriment and joy, and who says you cannot start welcoming it six months in advance? Immerse yourself in the Christmas spirit by enjoying the festivities of the day and by donating to the less fortunate.

National Leon Day dates

2024June 25Tuesday
2025June 25Wednesday
2026June 25Thursday
2027June 25Friday
2028June 25Sunday

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