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Organic Beer Fest – June 25-27, 2024

The Organic Beer Fest — originally called the North American Organic Brewers Festival — takes place from June 25 to 27 every year in Portland, Oregon. Founded by Craig Nicholls, the event includes cask tastings, sour beer barrel tappings, and wrestling-themed snack/beer pairings.

History of Organic Beer Fest

The Organic Beer Fest, formerly known as the North American Organic Brewers Festival, is held annually at Overlook Park in North Portland, Oregon. According to Craig Nicholls, “Everybody already refers to us as the Organic Beer Fest, since we’re the only one in the world that we know of.” The event attracts various brews and ciders from over 40 breweries, with some drinks being made exclusively for the fest.

The seeds that sprouted into the Organic Beer Fest were sown in 2000, when Nicholls organized a symposium with local brewers in Portland, Oregon. However, news of the upcoming event spread, and brewers from all over the country showed up to learn about organic certification, chemicals, organics, and genetically modified ingredients. Since then, the Organic Beer Fest has only grown more popular.

The motto of the Organic Beer Fest is “Drink Organic, Save the Planet, One Beer at a Time.” Nicholls advocates for organic beer and believes that, just as people shop for organic vegetables and foods, they should also purchase beer from organic, environmentally-sustainable sources because organic crops are grown without using potentially hazardous chemicals.

The Organic Beer Fest also supports the ecosystem by using biodegradable cups and placing recycling stations around the fest grounds. Vendors sell sustainable wares, and the volunteers put on organic T-shirts. There is no parking at the event, so attendees are encouraged to ride bikes, take the Tri-Met, or walk.

Organic Beer Fest timeline

3000 B.C.
Babylonians Produce Beer

Babylonians start producing 20 different types of beer.

Europeans Brew Commercial Beer

Germany, England, and Austria begin the commercial production of beer.

Organic Beer is Produced

Eel River Brewing produces the first certified organic beer.

The Brewers Association is Formed

The Association of Brewers and the Brewers' Association of America merge to form the Brewers Association.

Organic Beer Fest FAQs

What qualifies a beer as organic?

According to federal guidelines, beer is considered organic if at least 95% of its ingredients are organically produced.

Does organic beer have any nutrients?

Yes, organic beer contains high levels of vitamin B6.

Who drank the most beer in one sitting?

In 1976, a man named Andre the Giant allegedly consumed 119 bottles of 12-ounce beer within a six-hour period.

Organic Beer Fest Activities

  1. Attend the event

    If you live within the United States, why not have your summer vacation in Oregon? This would give you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to attend the Organic Beer Fest.

  2. Shop organic

    Whether food or drink, organic is the best way to go. Eating food without chemical additives has an undeniable impact on a person's overall health and well-being. For example, organic food contains high amounts of antioxidants, which can reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer.

  3. Spread the word

    Spread the word about the Organic Beer Fest. You can start by sharing this article with your network on social media platforms of your choice.

Top 5 Beer-Producing Countries In The World

  1. China

    China produces about 25% of the world's total beer production, with almost three billion gallons produced every year.

  2. The United States

    The U.S. produces about six billion gallons of beer every year, making up about 11.4% of the world's total.

  3. Brazil

    Every year, Brazil produces a whopping 3.7 billion gallons of beer.

  4. Germany

    Making up about 4.8% of the world's total beer production, Germany produces about 2.5 billion gallons each year.

  5. Mexico

    Mexico produces over two billion gallons of beer every year.

Why We Love Organic Beer Fest

  1. It raises awareness

    To many people, beer is beer! A vast majority isn’t or may not even be aware that organic beer exists. So, the Organic Beer Fest is a means of raising awareness among the general public.

  2. Organic beer is healthier

    Organic beer is better than regular beer, primarily for health reasons. This underscores the importance of the Organic Beer Fest, where people can be enlightened about its benefits.

  3. Organic breweries are promoted

    The Organic Beer Fest increases business patronage for organic breweries, which allows them to keep running.

Organic Beer Fest dates

2024June 25Tuesday
2025June 25Wednesday
2026June 25Thursday
2027June 25Friday
2028June 25Sunday

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