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National Camp Counts Day – June 25, 2025

National Camp Counts Day is celebrated on June 25. It seeks to offer children, especially underprivileged ones, the chance to take part in an ongoing tradition. For most kids, life-changing, exciting experiences are mostly gotten from summer camps. Mention summer camp, even overseas, and the idea of s’mores, campfire stories and canoeing comes up. The day strives to ensure that underprivileged children can also have summer camps. It is meant to make camping accessible to children. Camp offers them recreational fun and the chance to meet and make new friends. The outdoor experience allows children to have other real-life fun aside from the one technology gives.

History of National Camp Counts Day

National Camp Counts Day was created in 2019 by Camp Ralph S. Mason. It is popularly known simply as Camp Mason. The holiday was created as a part of Mason’s initiative of Camp Counts! This fundraising project ensures that no child is denied a camping experience due to financial restraints. The day consolidates the fundraising project and creates more awareness for it. The Y.M.C.A. Camp Mason project has been around for over a century. The camps encourage no tech, high fun, and adventure days. Many friendships are forged at camp.
Camp Mason hosts themed camps, and day camps generally build confidence and enjoyment for children.

Camp has been an American way of life in summer since the 1900s. As early as the Industrial Revolution, kids would be bored during summer break. Summer camps were established across the country. Parents felt it was crucial to develop boys into men. Summer activities such as climbing, rowing, and swimming were a big priority. Emphasis was also placed on behavior and values. Camp became a place to protect standards and develop children into productive adults. In the first decade of the twentieth century, more than 1,000 camps were created. Girls came to camps for teaching sewing and home-making. Many minority groups had camps that protected their culture. Boys climbed, rowed, and became better men. This all changed with World War II when the emphasis became protecting childhood instead of trying to get out of it.

Modern summer camps often center around kayaking, swimming, water slides, and other kinds of summery recreation. Rock climbing, hiking, and riding are also popular. There are camps for creative children, where artistic endeavors are encouraged. Acting, drama, pottery, and even cooking could be the focus for you! There is a spy camp, “Lord of the Rings” Camp, robotics camp, and even a Fiji sharks study camp. Nike has a basketball camp in England, and there are European football experience camps for those who can travel further afield.

National Camp Counts Day timeline

Camp in Switzerland

Brilantmont International is an overnight camp for boys and girls that still operates.

First Commercial Camping Site

Cunningham's camp surfaces as the first commercial camping site in the world.

Establishment of the First Camping Group

Holding's book of 1879 inspires the creation of the world's first camping group.

Creation of the Holiday

Camp Mason creates National Camp Counts Day.

National Camp Counts Day FAQs

What is the point of camping?

Camping is primarily meant to help people get away from the shackles of technology and enjoy the fun and experience that can only be offered by nature.

What do you need for camping?

It all depends on the camping duration. Ordinarily, you need your essentials, such as a sleeping bag or foldable mattresses, tents, toothpaste and brush, some pair of clothes, a hammer, flashlight, and any other thing required to make you quite comfortable out there in the woods.

What should you not do while camping?

As a rule, never go out of the reach of your colleagues or instructors; don’t stay out late at night; do not journey into parts of the woods you are warned not to journey into; always move in groups.

National Camp Counts Day Activities

  1. Go for summer camping

    You can either choose to camp at a park or a safe location outside your home with your partner and kids. Use a tent or vehicle with compartments, go out together for fun activities, and let children be a part of every activity.

  2. Register your child for a camping experience

    There are organizations out there rendering camp services. Sign your child up for one of them. Let him/her go to a camp to make new friends and enjoy their summer holidays.

  3. Donate to the cause

    Donate any amount you can manage to the Camp Mason cause. Who knows? Your donation might just be what one child needs to join in the camping.

5 Facts About Camping You Will Find Interesting

  1. It has psychological advantages

    Camping with family or friends relieves participants from stress and depression.

  2. Centuries of tents

    Archeological evidence shows that tents have been around since the Iron Age.

  3. The highest number of parks

    Parks have proven to be the desired spots for camping and Australia has the highest number of national parks in the world.

  4. Most expensive camping spot

    A single night in Clayoquot Wilderness Resort in Vancouver Island, Canada, costs $3,900.

  5. Calculating weather while camping

    You can use the number of crickets chirps in forty seconds added to forty to determine the weather in Fahrenheit degrees while camping during spring or summer.

Why We Love National Camp Counts Day

  1. It provides natural fun for children

    No one can dispute that camping gives children the kind of fun they always live to remember. This fun is not tied to technology and is very good for them.

  2. It builds self-confidence

    Most children learn their first leadership skills during camping experience. Most others also learn to face their fears while camping. We love camping because it builds our children's self-confidence and assertiveness.

  3. It is a charity

    The fact that this day was created as a form of charity makes it lovable to all well-meaning persons. We also love the day for that reason.

National Camp Counts Day dates

2025June 25Wednesday
2026June 25Thursday
2027June 25Friday
2028June 25Sunday
2029June 25Monday

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