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Mother's Day South Sudan – July 3, 2023

Mother’s Day in South Sudan is celebrated on the first Monday in July each year. This year, the day falls on July 3. As with all Mother’s Days across the world, this day is dedicated to our mothers — the phenomenal women who have raised us. It gives us a chance to express our deep gratitude for the sacrifices they made for their children and to appreciate all that they have done for us. As a mother is the center of the family and her children depend on her for guidance and care, Mother’s Day reminds us that it is in our best interest to give our mothers the respect and admiration they deserve. If you want to go a step further and buy a special gift, then check out our gift guide.

History of Mother's Day South Sudan

Mother’s Day in Sudan is celebrated to recognize the tremendous efforts of our mothers and their importance in our lives. They wear many hats, from caregivers to friends to protectors and mentors. As if being a mom wasn’t important enough, they are also grandmothers, mothers, wives, sisters, professional workers in various fields in their countryside, and so on.

Mother’s Day is celebrated in over 50 countries worldwide, though the dates may differ. Some countries may have been celebrating Mother’s Day for years, whereas for some, it may have only been instituted in the 20th century.

America first implemented Mother’s Day in 1872. Julia Ward Howe, an American poet and author, called for women to join in support of disarmament and asked for June 2, 1872, to be established as Mother’s Day for Peace. She also wrote the 1870 pacifist Mother’s Day Proclamation, which was an appeal for women to unite for peace around the world.

Following the lead of the U.S., many countries decided to popularize Mother’s Day but incorporate their country’s unique culture, which gave it different meanings. They also associated it with different religious, historical, or legendary events.

After handing over from Sudan, President Salva Kiir Mayardit proclaimed Mother’s Day as the first Monday in July. South Sudan observed Mother’s Day for the first time on July 2, 2012, which was later than most countries. On this day, children in South Sudan spoil their mothers with gifts and flowers.

Mother's Day South Sudan timeline

Ward Establishes Mother’s Day for Peace

Ward proposes that June 2 be designated as Mother's Day for Peace.

The First Official American Mother’s Day

On May 10, Ann Jarvis establishes the first Mother’s Day in a celebration at St. Andrew's Methodist Church, West Virginia.

South Sudan Gains Independence

On July 9, South Sudan becomes independent with Mayardit as its first president.

The First Mother's Day in South Sudan

Mayardit proclaims Mother's Day as the first Monday in July.

Mother's Day South Sudan FAQs

Is Mother's Day celebrated on different dates in different countries?

Mother’s Day is celebrated on different dates in many parts of the world, with each country having its own set of traditions and celebrations.

Which country was the first to recognize Mother's Day?

Great Britain was one of the first countries to recognize Mother’s Day.

Which came first, Mother's or Father's Day?

In the U.S., Mother’s Day was recognized first, and 58 years later, Father’s Day became a nationwide holiday.

Mother's Day South Sudan Activities

  1. Buy your mother flowers and chocolate

    Stick to the basics and spoil your mother with beautiful flowers and chocolate. She’ll appreciate the gesture immensely.

  2. Take your mother out for a fancy meal

    Treat your mother to a meal at her favorite restaurant. Spare no expense.

  3. Give your mother the day off

    Let her unwind by sending her to a spa. While she relaxes, you can take care of all her usual chores around the house.

5 Amazing Facts About Mother's Day

  1. More calls on Mother's Day

    More calls are placed on Mother’s Day than any other day — approximately 122 million on the second Sunday in May.

  2. The Ancient Greeks celebrated Mother's Day

    The Greeks celebrated Rhea, the goddess of fertility, motherhood, and generation.

  3. A card is the most popular gift

    Millions of cards are given to moms every Mother's Day — approximately 152 million.

  4. Restaurants are so busy

    Mother's Day is one of the busiest days for restaurants, so make those reservations as early as possible.

  5. Spending gap between Mother’s and Father’s Days

    On average, people spend $219 on Mother's Day versus $190 on Father's Day.

Why We Love Mother's Day South Sudan

  1. It is dedicated to our mothers

    Mothers play a pivotal role in our lives, from birth to adulthood. We love celebrating them and expressing our gratitude to them.

  2. We get to spoil the maternal figures in our lives

    Mothers do so much for us, and we appreciate the opportunity to repay them in some way. Whether it’s with a card, a meal, or a gift, be sure to pamper your mom.

  3. They get the day off

    Mothers are constantly on the go, caring for us, cooking, working, or cleaning. On this day, they can simply sit down and relax.

Mother's Day South Sudan dates

2022July 4Monday
2023July 3Monday
2024July 1Monday
2025July 7Monday
2026July 6Monday

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