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National Dora Day – July 7, 2024

National Dora Day is celebrated every July 7. ‘Dora’ is a conventionally feminine name of Greek origin. It’s the shortened form of Dorothea, which means ‘gift’ or “God’s gift.” Doron, the name’s earliest form, was the Mycenaean Greek ‘do-ra’ (‘gifts’). Dora may also be a nickname for Isadora, Theodora, Amphidora, and more. When people hear the name, however, they often think about the animated character from the kid-favorite cartoon “Dora the Explorer.” This National Dora Day, you should definitely celebrate every Dora you know!

History of National Dora Day

“Dora the Explorer” is an animated children’s television show that premiered on Nickelodeon on August 14, 2000, and concluded on August 9, 2019. Dora was a fixture in the lives of thousands of 2000s kids. The show features the adventures of protagonist Dora and her monkey companion, Boots. It is known for its direct interactive format, which involves Dora asking the viewers for advice and assistance throughout each episode. Dora Marquez, the cheerful title character, is a seven-year-old Latina girl with a profound love for adventure and embarking on quests. She’s joined in her pursuits by her pet monkey, Boots, a talking, purple backpack, and a singing map. Dora also often encounters the thieving anthropomorphic fox Swiper, who is driven away by a fourth-wall-breaking chant, “Swiper, no swiping!”

As per Nickelodeon executives, Dora’s ethnicity was developed as pan-Latina to “represent the diversity of Latino cultures.” The show has been aired internationally and dubbed in various languages, including Arabic, Danish, Cantonese, Dutch, French, Filipino, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, and Korean. In most translations, Dora teaches viewers English instead of Spanish, as in the show’s original version.

This character is so beloved that a live-action film adaptation was created. “Dora and the Lost City of Gold” was released in 2019 and garnered a largely positive response from movie critics. Following the movie’s success, a live-action television series is reportedly in the works. It’s a great time to be a Dora fan!

National Dora Day timeline

The Premiere

“Dora the Explorer” premieres on Nickelodeon.

The Live-Action Film

The live-action film adaptation based on the show is announced.

The Finale

“Dora the Explorer” finishes its 19-year television run.

Dora Returns

Paramount+ reveals that a live-action series is in development.

National Dora Day FAQs

How old is Dora?

During the original series, Dora is seven years old. In “Dora and the Lost City of Gold,” she is 16.

Are Dora and Diego cousins?

Yes! Dora’s cousin, Diego, is the star of another interactive educational series, “Go, Diego, Go!”

Is Dora a Hispanic name?

No, it is of Greek origin.

National Dora Day Activities

  1. Appreciate a Dora

    Do you know someone named Dora? Tell them you appreciate their presence in your life! Today is an excellent day to make them feel loved.

  2. Research your name’s meaning

    Now that you know what ‘Dora’ means, why not look up your name’s meaning too? It’s always fun to learn new things.

  3. Binge watch “Dora the Explorer”

    If you know any kids, introduce them to this educational yet entertaining show. Rewatch some old episodes or see the new live-action film together.

5 Facts About “Dora The Explorer” That You Didn’t Know

  1. The debut

    Dora was the first character to debut online before being featured on television.

  2. Her full name

    Dora’s full name is Dora Marquez.

  3. The first word taught

    The first Spanish word Dora taught in the show was ‘azul’ (‘blue’).

  4. Almost a mouse

    Dora’s monkey companion, Boots, was originally a mouse.

  5. Accolades

    “Dora the Explorer” was nominated for 15 Daytime Emmy Awards and won once.

Why We Love National Dora Day

  1. It looks back on history

    Numerous people named Dora have left marks on society. This day serves as an excellent reminder of this.

  2. It’s a blast from the past

    Many remember the character of Dora fondly. This day evokes a sense of nostalgia for fans of the beloved explorer.

  3. It’s an excuse to watch “Dora the Explorer”

    “Dora the Explorer” was a fun childhood cartoon. Give yourself a blast from the past and watch a few episodes to reminisce.

National Dora Day dates

2024July 7Sunday
2025July 7Monday
2026July 7Tuesday
2027July 7Wednesday
2028July 7Friday

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