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SunJul 7

George Town Heritage Day in Penang – July 7, 2024

George Town Heritage Day is celebrated on July 7 every year in Penang province, Malaysia. It’s a regional public holiday commemorating when George Town became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As a historic city that grew over 500 years, interacting with East and West through trade, diplomacy, and cultural exchange, George Town’s multicultural atmosphere is without parallel in Southeast Asia. This history is evident in the town’s churches, government buildings, town squares, and old military fortifications. The people of Penang are proud of their town’s status as a Heritage Site.

History of George Town Heritage Day in Penang

George Town is one of the historic cities of the Straits of Malacca. Over several centuries of interaction with other civilizations, the town was shaped by Asian and European cultures. As the first British settlement in Southeast Asia, George Town formed part of the Straits Settlements that became a British colony in 1786. In 1957, Queen Elizabeth II declared George Town a city, making it the first city in Malaysia. Malaysia’s first city was vibrant, and its diverse cultural background made it attractive to foreigners from around the globe. When the Malaysian federal government revoked George Town’s free-port status in 1969, the town slipped into a decline.

By the early 2000s, many residents had moved out of George Town’s historic core. The once beautiful colonial-era buildings were now in decay and disrepair. The architecture crumbled like an abandoned relic as Kuala Lumpur continued to receive all the government’s attention. Poorly planned urbanization led to issues with traffic congestion, and brain drain meant there was a lack of professionals and experts to manage the city.

George Town’s fortunes turned around in 2004. The town’s N.G.Os came together with the national press, drumming up support to restore the city to its former glory. National resentment for the run-down state of the city and the government’s decades of neglect led to the election of opposition politician Pakatan Rakyat. In 2008, after concerted efforts by Penang residents and non-governmental organizations to clean up the city and revive its multicultural spirit, George Town was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The UNESCO declaration spurred rebuilding efforts, and George Town was named Asia’s eighth most livable city in 2010.

George Town Heritage Day in Penang timeline

George Town Becomes a City

Queen Elizabeth II accords George Town a city status.

A Revival Turned White Elephant

The Komtar project meant to breathe new life into George Town becomes too expensive to operate and is promptly abandoned.

Revoking of the Rent Control Act

The Rent Control Act protecting low-income residents and small business owners from arbitrary rent hikes is repealed, leading to a mass exodus from the city.

George Town Reborn

George Town is declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

George Town Heritage Day in Penang FAQs

What is Heritage Day in Penang?

Heritage Day commemorates the anniversary of George Town’s recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Why is George Town a World Heritage Site?

George Town boasts unique architecture and cultural influences in its landscape, unseen anywhere else in East and Southeast Asia.

Why is it called George Town?

George Town is named after King George III of Britain.

George Town Heritage Day in Penang Activities

  1. Study George Town’s history

    George Town’s colorful past is too broad to cover in a single article. Take a deep dive into the history of this city and learn about the different civilizations that made their mark there.

  2. Read about Melaka

    Melaka is George Town’s sibling and another UNESCO World Heritage Site. The two cities have a shared history going back hundreds of years.

  3. Watch a movie

    Watch a movie filmed there to get a feel for George Town’s atmosphere and architecture. Many foreign and local productions chose this picturesque city as their backdrop.

5 Interesting Facts About George Town

  1. Biggest temple in Malaysia

    The Khoo Kongsi temple, built over 100 years ago, is the biggest and most beautifully carved of all Chinese temples in Malaysia.

  2. A food lovers paradise

    George Town’s cuisine offers delicious Chinese, Malay, and Indian dishes, with vegetarian and meat options.

  3. Creative street art

    The streets of George Town are decorated with murals, paintings, and several dozen iron structures that present anecdotes about each street's history.

  4. Famous film site

    “Anna and The King,” “Indochine,” and “Crazy Rich Asians” were filmed in George Town.

  5. The oldest chapel in Malaysia

    Fort Cornwall, the largest and one of the oldest standing forts in Malaysia, is also home to the oldest chapel in the country, which was constructed in 1799.

Why We Love George Town Heritage Day in Penang

  1. Celebrating multiculturalism

    George Town carries the influence of different cultures and eras. From art-deco architecture to colonial-era bungalows, the city's eclectic nature is its biggest draw.

  2. Preserving history

    Urbanization and expansion in the present day have significantly transformed George Town. The Heritage Site is the only living memory of this town’s illustrious history and the many civilizations that left their mark on it.

  3. Stronger together

    George Town’s renaissance began when its people came together to rebuild it. Different communities united to restore their city’s glory. Today, the same communities share their cultural heritage with visitors. On George Town’s Heritage Day, we remember that unity is our greatest strength.

George Town Heritage Day in Penang dates

2024July 7Sunday
2025July 7Monday
2026July 7Tuesday
2027July 7Wednesday
2028July 7Friday

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