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Solomon Islands Independence Day – July 7, 2024

We are celebrating Solomon Islands Independence Day on July 7. It is an annual celebration to commemorate the independence of the country. In 1978, the Solomon Islands gained self-governance and became a sovereign country. It has Queen Elizabeth II as its constitutional monarch. Although ruled by the Queen, the nation is not under British rule as the Queen rules the island through a Governor-General and with the title “Queen of Solomon Islands.” The Solomon Islands is one of the few countries with no armed forces. The country is mostly mountainous and covered in wild, untamed forests. However, the nation managed to tame freedom, and we are celebrating it.

History of Solomon Islands Independence Day

The Solomon Islands are an archipelago in Oceania. There are six large islands surrounded by 900 smaller ones. It is mostly covered by mountains and forests. The history of the island starts around 2000 B.C. with the migration and settlements of Austronesian people. These people settled on the major six volcanic islands of The Solomon Islands. The settlements became tribes, and these tribes developed a lifestyle that they carried for centuries until the medieval era. These tribes spoke separate languages, and conflict among them was common. However, everything changed in 1568 when the Spanish explorer Alvaro de Mendana de Neira, sighted the islands.

Alvaro de Mendana introduced The Solomon Islands to the Europeans, and he is the reason why so many places on the Solomon Islands still have Spanish names. The British reached the island only in 1767. English explorer Philip Carteret was the one behind the rediscovery of the island for the English. The island and its people were mostly affected by these intercontinental visitors, but that changed in the 1800s. People from Europe, America, and Australia became a regular sight during this time as they brought in activities such as food bartering, evangelism, trade, labor, etc. Some of them even started settling on the islands.

The southern Solomon Islands became a British protectorate in 1893. Tulagi was the capital of these British-controlled regions. By 1900, all the northern islands in the Solomon Islands became part of the British protectorate as well. World War II brought Japan to the scene, and the islands saw intense fighting between Japan and the allied forces in the islands. The people on the island were impressed by the culture and attitude of the Americans during the war. The demand for freedom thus started. Peter Kenilorea led the country into independence on July 7, 1978. He also became the first prime minister of the Solomon Islands.

Solomon Islands Independence Day timeline

2000 B.C.
The First Settlements

Austronesian people settled in The Solomon Islands.

1886 – 1893
The German Era

The Solomon Islands became a German protectorate.

July 7, 1978
Solomon Islands Independence

The Solomon Islands become an independent nation with Queen Elizabeth II as its queen.

1998 – 2003
Help From Australia

Australia, through mission RAMSI, helps the nation to end the internal tribal war in the nation.

Solomon Islands Independence Day FAQs

Is the Solomon Islands an independent country?

The Solomon Islands is an independent sovereign nation with Queen Elizabeth II as its Queen. The Queen is represented by a Governor-General, appointed on the advice of the unicameral National Parliament. It is a constitutional monarchy.

What is the capital of the Solomon Islands?


What race are Solomon Islanders?

94.5% of the people in the Solomon Islands are ethnically Melanesian. Other ethnical groups include Polynesian and Chinese.

How to Observe Solomon Islands Independence Day

  1. Upload a Solomon Islands Flag

    The flag of Solomon Island consists of blue and green colors, divided diagonally by a yellow stripe. There are five white stars on the left top corner of the blue shade. Upload a picture of this flag to your social media profiles.

  2. Learn Solomon Islands song

    The Solomon Islands has many patriotic songs describing their nation. Learn some of them.

  3. Visit Solomon Islands

    The Solomon Islands are an archipelago full of natural beauty and pristine beaches. Visit the nation during their independence day.

5 Facts About The Solomon Islands That You Should Know

  1. Uninhabited islands

    Around half of the smaller islands in the Solomon Islands are still uninhabited.

  2. King Solomon and the Solomon Islands

    Alvaro de Mendana thought the island was the source of wealth for the biblical King Solomon, and so he named it the Isles of Solomon.

  3. Largest saltwater lagoon

    Marovo Lagoon in the Solomon Islands is the largest saltwater lagoon in the world.

  4. Beautiful long coastlines

    The Solomon Islands’ coastline is more than 3,300 miles with crystal clear water, pristine coral reefs, and sandy beaches.

  5. World’s most active submarine volcano

    Kavachi, a submarine volcano in The Solomon Islands, is the world's most active submarine volcano.

Why Solomon Islands Independence Day is Important

  1. We love freedom

    The Solomon Islands fought for its freedom and gained self-governance. We love freedom and we admire freedom struggles.

  2. Diversity and unity

    The Solomon Islands is a diverse country with a rich culture and history. The unity among their diversity is worth celebrating.

  3. A natural haven

    The wilderness and mountainous terrain of the nation are beautiful to explore. It is a natural paradise that attracts adventurers and nature lovers from all over the world.

Solomon Islands Independence Day dates

2024July 7Sunday
2025July 7Monday
2026July 7Tuesday
2027July 7Wednesday
2028July 7Friday

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