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ThuJul 18

Perfect Family Day – July 18, 2024

Perfect Family Day is celebrated annually on July 18. We believe that a perfect family exists. Hopefully, you all reading this feel grateful for the family you have. Even the perfect families must have their ups and downs. A perfect family is not the one without problems, but it’s the one that can handle the problems together, based on love and respect. Love, respect, trust, and understanding seem to be some of the essential qualities in building and maintaining a perfect family. Without those qualities, it’s hardly imaginable. Does your family have those qualities?

History of Perfect Family Day

The definition of a perfect family may differ from one family to another. And that’s not a problem. We believe that a perfect family exists because it can be built. It can rise on the foundation of love, respect, trust, and understanding. Whether it be a nuclear family, extended family, or single-parent family, it can be perfect as long as every member knows the foundation. You cannot expect to have understanding children, for example, if you don’t teach and show them how to be understanding. That’s why parents play an important role in building a perfect family.

Parenting encourages and supports the child’s development emotionally, physically, socially, and intellectually, so good parenting is needed to establish a perfect family. Parents were once a child, so there is a possibility that the way they were raised as a child can affect the way they raise their children. There are various styles of parenting, and the styles with high chances to result in a perfect family include slow parenting, positive parenting, nurturant parenting, and dolphin parenting. Parents hold the key to building a perfect family.

Through slow parenting, you allow your children to explore the world at their own pace, while with positive parenting, you incorporate organized activities to foster your children’s talents. The nurturing parenting style helps offer development opportunities for your children and their temperaments, while the dolphin parenting style can maintain balance in your children’s lives — authoritative but not authoritarian. So, the ability to establish a perfect family depends on how effectively you as parents master and apply your good parenting skills.

Perfect Family Day timeline

17th and 18th Centuries
Single-Parent Family

In French, English, or Spanish villages, one-third of children lost one of their parents during childhood.

Early 20th Century
Nuclear Family

The term ‘nuclear family’ first appears, meaning a family group consisting of parents and their children.

The Most Common Form

The nuclear family becomes the most common form in the U.S.

Extended Family

In the U.S., 2.7 million grandparents raise their grandchildren.

Perfect Family Day FAQs

What is the best family structure?

The nuclear family is believed to be the ideal family structure to raise children.

What keeps a family together?

One of the things that keeps a family together is communication.

What is a healthy family?

Healthy family relationships are when people trust and rely on each other for support, love, affection, and warmth.

Perfect Family Day Activities

  1. Spend quality time together

    Perfect Family Day is for you to spend quality time with your perfect family. Going on a picnic, taking a trip to a beach, or going to a zoo – you know what’s best for your family.

  2. Improve parenting skills

    Perfecting your family is a work in progress. That’s why improving your parenting skills is essential. If you are a new parent, take your time.

  3. Call your parents

    If you are already parents yourselves, call your parents. You may want to thank them for teaching you good things that you can now also apply to your children.

5 Tips From Parenting Experts

  1. Treat your kids with respect

    Don’t name-call or hit kids, because they learn this behavior from you.

  2. Give praise for good behavior

    Receiving praise from their mother or father means a lot to kids.

  3. Let your kids be mad at you

    You have to deal with being the bad guy and let the kids learn how to cope with life’s ups and downs.

  4. Build a democratic relationship

    You need to focus on building a democratic relationship during your kids’ teen years.

  5. Let life take its course

    Let your kids get cold if they refuse to put on their coats in the rain.

Why We Love Perfect Family Day

  1. We love our family

    With the family’s ups and downs or misunderstandings, they will always try their best to be there for us. Family is precious.

  2. To strengthen the bond

    Perfect Family Day can be the perfect time to strengthen the bond between your family. If you have kids, it’s time for them to strengthen the bond between siblings.

  3. To improve parenting skills

    It’s our responsibility as parents to perfect our family. Improving our parenting skills is one of the ways to achieve that.

Perfect Family Day dates

2024July 18Thursday
2025July 18Friday
2026July 18Saturday
2027July 18Sunday
2028July 18Tuesday

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