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National Hope for Henry Day – October 25, 2024

National Hope for Henry Day is observed on October 25 to inform sick children that their health problems should not prevent them from doing what they love. It is a day created to give hope to children who suffer from terminal sicknesses. We should help them to do what healthy children do. Such a thing gives them hope to face health challenges and also implores everyone to remain cheerful.

History of National Hope for Henry Day

National Hope for Henry Day was created and first celebrated in 2019 by the Hope for Henry Foundation — an organization that focuses on giving special care to very sick children in hospitals by allowing them to experience activities and life events that would not normally be possible for them.

Henry Strongin Goldberg is a seven-year-old boy, who is considered a Washington D.C. hero for his cheerful attitude towards his most challenging life moments. He was born to Allen Goldberg and Laurie Strongin on October 25, 1995. He was diagnosed with Fanconi Anemia, a rare form of a genetic disorder, on November 11 two weeks after his birth. Upon diagnosis, Henry began to frequently be admitted to the hospital. While undergoing several therapies to keep him in manageable shape, the little boy showed tremendous resilience in the face of his ordeals. He was always cheerful, happy, and active. Henry did not allow his terminal sickness to deter him from enjoying everything life had to offer to little children. He played sports and hunted fireflies just like other children.

While searching for a cure for their child’s sickness, Henry’s parents were told that only a stem cell transplant could give him a chance of survival. And so, they gave birth to another child in 1996, hoping he would be a transplant match for Henry, which, unfortunately, wasn’t the case. The year 2002 marked the painful occasion of Henry giving in to his illness. In 2003, drawing inspiration from the lessons they learned from his cheerfulness, his parents created the Hope for Henry Foundation, an organization that has inspired the lives of over 60,000 children in over ten hospitals. In 2010, Henry’s mother decided to document her child’s experience and published “Saving A Henry: A Mother’s Journey.” To extend their foundation’s reach, National Hope for Henry Day was created.

National Hope for Henry Day timeline


The Washington D.C. child hero is born.

A Brother

Henry's mother gives birth to another child, Jack, hoping he would be a transplant match for Henry.

Henry's Passing

Henry dies at the age of seven.

Hope For Henry

Henry's parents found the Hope For Henry Foundation.

Saving A Henry

Henry's mother publishes the book “Saving A Henry: A Mother's Journey.”

National Hope for Henry Day FAQs

Is Fanconi Anemia a form of cancer?

Fanconi Anemia is not a form of cancer but it can increase a patient’s risk of getting leukemia.

What age is Fanconi Anemia diagnosed?

Fanconi Anemia can be diagnosed at any stage of life, as some individuals can be asymptomatic and not know about their status till adulthood.

What are symptoms of Fanconi Anemia?

A key indicator of Fanconi Anemia is a child with a birth defect. Other symptoms can be caused by the type of blood cells affected. This includes abnormal skin pigmentation, skeletal anomalies, hemorrhage, etc.

How to Observe National Hope for Henry Day

  1. Give hope

    If you know any sick children, do your all to facilitate their lives and help them experience things not normally possible for them. Such experiences can help them feel refreshed and happy once again.

  2. Donate to the foundation

    Take this chance to support children like Henry with donations, no matter how small. The Hope for Henry Foundation would be a good place to start.

  3. Brighten a sick child's mood

    If you don’t have the money, be their mental support. Help them fend off their fear and feel some tranquility. Whenever possible, arrange mini celebrations and fun activities for them.

5 Facts About Fanconi Anemia That You Should Know

  1. It is genetic

    Fanconi Anemia is a genetic disorder.

  2. Non-gender discriminative

    The disorder is found in both males and females, although one type is exclusively in males.

  3. Anomaly

    Most individuals affected with the disorder are usually born with a body defect(s).

  4. Low survival

    Children with Fanconi Anemia rarely survive to adulthood.

  5. Only one

    Stem cell transplant remains the only cure for the blood defects caused by Fanconi Anemia.

Why National Hope for Henry Day is Important

  1. It’s inspiring

    National Hope for Henry Day inspires us to remain hopeful. Let’s take this chance to be cheerful in the face of our own challenges.

  2. Children’s happiness

    To grant happiness to the hearts of these little ones is the absolute best. Sick children long for someone who offers them all the excitement they were denied by their sicknesses.

  3. Altruistic

    We all love acts of philanthropy, which is exactly what the Hope for Henry Foundation gives to thousands of our ill children by creating this Day. See what you can do on this day to bring a smile to someone’s face/

National Hope for Henry Day dates

2024October 25Friday
2025October 25Saturday
2026October 25Sunday
2027October 25Monday
2028October 25Wednesday

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