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SatOct 26

Hug a Sheep Day – October 26, 2024

National Hug a Sheep Day is celebrated annually on the last Saturday in October. This year, it falls on October 26. This unconventional holiday has been around since 2010. Sheep have been around forever and are out there offering you the coziest socks, the warmest sweaters, and some of the tastiest cheese outside of a cattle farm. It’s no wonder sheep get a day all to themselves. National Hug a Sheep Day encourages you to appreciate sheep for all the good things they bring into your life. You don’t need to own sheep to join the celebration. Visit a petting zoo or ask your farmer friend to invite you over for some quality hugging time.

History of Hug a Sheep Day

National Hug a Sheep Day is an annual holiday observed on the last Saturday of October every year. Sheep are wooly, fluffy, cuddly, and friendly creatures. We get a lot of gifts from sheep, including wool, meat, lanolin, and other items. Sheep deserve to be cuddled for all of their hard work. Their efforts often go unappreciated and this observance seeks to remedy that fact. National Hug A Sheep Day honors all sheep, wild and domestic.

The holiday was created to honor a wooly great named Punkin. Yes, he was a sheep. But not just any ol’ sheep. He was the first love of the “Crazy Sheep Lady of Equinox Farms.” Punkin was the first sheep she ever owned. A rescue from the Bluegrass Stockyards in 1992, Punkin immediately won over the Crazy Sheep Lady’s heart. Seemingly out of nothing, a wonderful friendship soon grew between sheep and Sheep Lady.

Unknown to both meek souls, theirs was a friendship that would not be forgotten any time soon. The legacy lives on, even after 22 long years. After Punkin passed on — to the beautiful prairie in the sky — the Crazy Sheep Lady felt charged to celebrate his memory. She commemorated Punkin by encouraging people to shower love and attention on all the other Punkins out there.

In this way, National Hug a Sheep Day was created and has since gained international attention. Farms host open days to allow people to shower love on sheep. Visit a farm near you today to do your part. With their wooly coats, sheep give the warmest, coziest hugs.

Hug a Sheep Day timeline

8000 B.C
Sheep Domestication

Sheep are domesticated for the first time in Central Asia.

4000 B.C.
Clothes Are Made Using Wool

In Babylon, wool garments gain popularity.

55 B.C.
Sheep Enter The British Isles

Sheep migrate to the British Isles.

1635 A.D.
Sheep Are Smuggled Into America

American Pilgrims smuggle sheep back to the American colonies.

Hug a Sheep Day FAQs

Are sheep intelligent?

Sheep are intelligent creatures with problem-solving capabilities. They are almost as smart as pigs and have a similar I.Q. to cattle.

What are newborn sheep called?

A lamb is a newborn sheep. Sheep can give birth to either a single lamb or twins; sometimes triplets occur occasionally.

Why are sheep unable to roll over?

Pregnant sheep are more prone to falling over during lambing season. They also have a thick fleece that can cause them to topple over and roll onto their back. Sheep with their bodies in this position may struggle to rise.

Hug a Sheep Day Activities

  1. Hug a sheep

    Take advantage of this day to cuddle sheep if you own farmland. On this day, you can open your farm and let others hug a sheep.

  2. Visit a farm

    Those who do not own a sheep can cuddle a sheep in the open farmland. Petting zoos are another great spot to celebrate this holiday.

  3. Take a knitting class

    If there are no farms or petting zoos near you, take a knitting class and learn how to spin wool. Make all sorts of stuff to celebrate the amazing creatures we get this material from.

5 Mind-blowing Facts About Sheep

  1. Rectangular-shaped pupils

    Rectangular pupils allow sheep to see in a range of 270 to 320 degrees.

  2. Sharp-nosed

    Sheep have smell glands on their feet and in front of their eyes.

  3. Data banks

    Sheep can remember about 50 other sheep's faces for two years.

  4. Sheep can self-medicate

    Their consumption of plants and other items with no nutritional value helps prevent and treat disease.

  5. No teeth in their upper front jaw

    To break down food, their lower teeth press up on a hard upper palate.

Why We Love Hug a Sheep Day

  1. Celebrating sheep

    National Hug a Sheep Day reminds us to celebrate all the fantastic sheep out there. Their contributions to human life should not go unappreciated.

  2. We love animals

    Animals play an important role in human existence. Where would we be without them? We love all the earth’s creatures; big and small.

  3. Create awareness

    National Hug A Sheep Day encourages people to treat animals with love and respect. This doesn’t stop with sheep, but also extends to other lovable creatures.

Hug a Sheep Day dates

2022October 29Saturday
2023October 28Saturday
2024October 26Saturday
2025October 25Saturday
2026October 31Saturday

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