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Anniversary of Philippine Military Academy – October 25, 2024

The Anniversary of the Philippine Military Academy is observed on October 25 in the Philippines every year. This annual holiday honors the military academy for Filipinos and is meant for the citizens of the country. The academy, commonly known as the P.M.A. is a premier academy for citizens who aim to get a commission as a military officer in the Philippines’ Armed Forces.

The academy is developed in a manner similar to the United States Military Academy in New York and offers a quality education that places it in the top 100 universities and colleges in the Philippines.

History of Anniversary of Philippine Military Academy

The Anniversary of the Philippine Military Academy is a federal holiday in the Philippines that commemorates the founding of the Philippine Military Academy on October 25. The day is also known as the P.M.A. Foundation Day and is celebrated for the fact that it is a matter of great pride throughout the country.

The P.M.A. is a premier military academy that offers an academic program granting a Bachelor of Science in National Security Management. It is one of the best academic organizations in the country, routinely coming in the top 100 colleges and universities in the Philippines because of the quality of education and the management of the organization.

The P.M.A.’s roots can be traced back to the Academia Militar of the Philippines which was the first all-Filipino military academy in the country.

However, the P.M.A. officially began as the Officer’s School of the Philippine Constabulary — the gendarmerie-type police that maintained law and order in the Philippines. After the National Defense Act was passed in the country, the country began working on establishing an army for itself and incorporated the Constabulary into that structure.

The Officer’s school was developed into the Philippine Military Academy, modeled after the United States Military Academy based in New York.

Interested candidates must write a series of tests, and a total of 400 students are accepted into the academy today. Students are officers in training and are expected to maintain and present a high level of competency in academics, military tactics, sports, and physical fitness.

Anniversary of Philippine Military Academy timeline

Academia Militar is Established

The first all-Filipino military academy is established in Malolos, Bulacan, in the Philippines.

Officer's School Of Philippine Constabulary is Established

The Officer’s School serves to educate cadets that can join the Philippines Constabulary to maintain law and order.

The National Defense Act is Approved

The country decides to form an Army of the Philippines and incorporates the existing Constabulary into the military structure.

Commemoration Date of P.M.A. is Changed

The President acknowledges the Philippine Constabulary’s contribution but changes the commemoration date of the P.M.A.’s foundation to honor the Academia Militar.

Anniversary of Philippine Military Academy FAQs

How long is the P.M.A. training?

The P.M.A. training lasts four years.

Does P.M.A. offer vacations?

No, only senior cadets are allowed to leave the academy for brief periods.

What is the passing grade in P.M.A.?

P.M.A. cadets must maintain 70% to pass.

How to Observe Anniversary of Philippine Military Academy

  1. Watch the national observations

    People gather to pay their respects to the academy and the country honors its past. Watch how the people celebrate their history on this day.

  2. Get informed about military history

    The military history of the Philippines is fascinating. Read up and get informed about the military development of the Philippines.

  3. Send care packages to cadets

    Cadets in the P.M.A. work very hard to maintain their excellence in academics and military tactics. Show your appreciation by putting care packages together for them.

5 Facts About The P.M.A.That Will Surprise You

  1. An old campus is a tourist destination

    The P.M.A.’s old Baguio City campus is a popular tourist destination, especially as the Academia Militar was also based in Baguio.

  2. Graduation was interrupted during the World Wars

    Cadets during the World Wars were accelerated through the program so they could be sent on to the battlefield.

  3. There’s an alma mater song

    The song is called ‘P.M.A., Oh Hail to Thee.’

  4. Female cadets were inducted in 1993

    The first female cadets were accepted to the academy only in 1993 and graduated in 1997.

  5. There are cadets from other countries

    Thaval Sawangpunka was the first non-Filipino graduate, and he was from Thailand.

Why Anniversary of Philippine Military Academy is Important

  1. We respect the history

    We appreciate the history of the military and the people. We want to honor the history and the military service of the cadets.

  2. We want to support the cadets

    We think that the cadets work very hard at their studies and do an important service for their country. We want to show our appreciation for them.

  3. We want to know more

    We like learning about the military and security decisions of countries, and how people serve their countries. We want to learn from the P.M.A.’s history.

Anniversary of Philippine Military Academy dates

2024October 25Friday
2025October 25Saturday
2026October 25Sunday
2027October 25Monday
2028October 25Wednesday

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