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SatOct 26

National One United Race Day – October 26, 2024

On National One United Race Day, held every year on the fourth Saturday in October, the fight against racism and prejudice reaches new heights. This year, it takes place on October 26. This day was designed to bring attention to global racism and how it affects people worldwide. This day’s founders, One United Race (OUR), have even coined a catchphrase: “One Race For One Race.” What is today’s mission? Use the platform you have to get people talking about racism.

History of National One United Race Day

People interacted with one another for only a few reasons when the world was young: migration, trade, territorial expansion, or all-out conflict. That’s when the concept of ‘boundaries’ emerged, usually defined by disparities in physical appearance, language, culture, origin, and other distinguishing features observed in the opposing group. ‘Not belonging’ was utilized to distinguish and often discriminate against others, to the point where distinct groups would enslave and exploit others merely for being different.

Colonialism in the 15th century increased this exploitation, and ‘race’ became another distinguishing factor that people could use to justify open hatred toward their fellow humans. In the 18th and 19th centuries, science was even used to defend racism, with different races viewed as biologically distinct beings. Because the races were diverse, it was assumed that they would follow a hierarchical order, with one “superior race.” Skin color wasn’t always the marker of such differentiation either. People differentiated based on anything perceived as ‘less’ and ‘different.’

Gradually, a debate over race as a concept emerged, as did a clearer understanding of racism. With acts and conventions becoming a stated goal, the international community began to take action against racism. Racism continues to persist unabated across many regions of the world.

This problem is far from a simple one. It continues to influence the way of life in many countries worldwide. What has changed is people’s willingness to recognize and embrace their part in perpetuating this phenomenon. The change will come gradually, and National One United Race Day is one of many such holidays created to aid people in their battle for this cause.

National One United Race Day timeline

July 2, 1964
The Civil Rights Act

The U.S. puts out a landmark act that ensures everyone is equal before the law — discrimination based on race, nationality, sex, color, or religion is against the law.

1990 — 1993
The Apartheid Movement Ends

South Africa's apartheid system ends because of decades of activism and negotiations both inside and outside the country.

Our Day is Founded

Our United Race (OUR) creates a special day to celebrate every race — National One United Race Day.

Representation On Television

People of color on “The Simpsons” will no longer be voiced by white actors as part of a significant push to boost the portrayal of people of color on the screen.

National One United Race Day FAQs

What is the race of a person?

‘Race’ refers to any ‘groups’ into which humankind has been classified based on shared physical characteristics or ancestry.

What are the original races?

There have been many different theories regarding race in the past. According to one of these theories, humans are categorized into five races: African, Asian, European, Native American, and Oceanian.

What is nationality vs. race?

Race and nationality are two very different concepts. The former is identified based on shared physical characteristics, and the latter is the status of belonging to a particular nation as a citizen.

How to Observe National One United Race Day

  1. Run a 7k to show support

    Why not participate in the One Race for One Race, which is coming up soon? You should train and prepare for a 7k run first.

  2. Educate yourself

    Almost anybody can speak out against racism. Learn how to help your fellow humans live in a world where everyone is equally treated.

  3. Start speaking up

    If you've seen or heard something, go ahead and say it. Speak up and make a difference in the lives of those around you.

5 Facts About Racism And One United Race (OUR)

  1. Gender can determine awareness

    A study showed that 80% of women from advanced countries feel discriminated against based on race or ethnicity, a serious problem compared to 68% of men.

  2. Racism in the corporate world

    According to a study conducted in the United States, those with traditionally white names received 50% more callbacks on their resumes than those with more ethnic names.

  3. An A U.N. Convention like no other

    The International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination was proposed in 1965 that defines how individuals should be treated worldwide; this document is widely regarded as the most important document on international human rights.

  4. How OUR aids

    The One United Race organization donates a portion of its product sales and half of the proceeds from National One United Race Day to various anti-racism groups.

  5. A run that unifies

    National One United Race Day's 2022 theme is all about the 7k walk or runs — and the 7k represents the seven continents, where every person is part of the same human race.

Why National One United Race Day is Important

  1. It gets us talking

    The countless people running or walking in the One United Race in global locations will spark conversations — online and offline. A large segment of the population will see it, which will encourage more conversations about promoting unity for the human race.

  2. It builds a community

    As a result of like-minded people joining together to commemorate this day, numerous communities and support groups can emerge, making it safer for people to speak out against racism.

  3. Voices finally break the silence

    People chose to remain silent in the face of injustice, either out of fear or anxiety about how to demand equality; they now have a forum that encourages them to demand equality. As more individuals begin to speak, the world has a better chance of being a bright, hopeful environment for everyone, regardless of race.

National One United Race Day dates

2022October 22Saturday
2023October 28Saturday
2024October 26Saturday
2025October 25Saturday
2026October 24Saturday

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