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SatOct 26

National Pitbull Awareness Day – October 26, 2024

For those who think it’s only the retrievers and labs of the world that are the sweetest and cutest, National Pitbull Awareness Day is for you, on the last Saturday of October, falling on October 26 this year. For those who believe American pit bull terriers are menacing, dangerous animals, this day is for you. For anyone who hasn’t taken the time to learn that pit bulls are in fact loving, caring pets, National Pit Bull Awareness Day is for you; a day in which we celebrate how loving, kind, and compassionate these dogs truly are and finally put to bed those terrible misconceptions.

History of National Pitbull Awareness Day

In 2007, National Pitbull Awareness Day was created to help raise awareness for the truth about Pitbulls. For nearly 100 years, these four-legged friends were considered loyal, docile, and loving! Parents would often leave their babies or toddlers with their pit bulls while they ran to the store (please note, no child should be left alone or unattended with a dog of any breed). 
Over the decades, pitties have unfortunately garnered a reputation as being ferocious, malicious, and dangerous beasts. An image far from the truth and based on the actions of maligned humans, not the animals themselves. 
Pit bulls were born out of a mixture of a bulldog and a terrier in England in the 18th century, partly to help with much-needed rodent and vermin regulation from the Industrial Revolution, but also because dog fighting was, unfortunately, popular at the time. That being said, as the now-extinct Bull and Terrier breed evolved into the American Staffordshire Pit Bull we now know and love, these pups were always considered affectionate, loyal, and great family dogs by breeders and owners alike. 

National Pitbull Awareness Day timeline

Early 1800s
Pit Bull Immigrants

Pit bulls are brought from England to be barn dogs for chasing rats as well as family protectors.

America's Dog

Pit bulls become the national mascot of America during WWII, becoming “America’s dog."

Lovers Not Fighters

Dogfighting sees a resurgence, harming the reputation of pit bulls.

A Day for Dogs

National Pit Bull Awareness Day is held to undo the reputational damage done to pit bulls in the previous 20 years.

National Pitbull Awareness Day FAQs

What day is National Pit Bull Awareness Day?

National Pit Bull Awareness Day is on the last Saturday of October. 

Is October National Pit Bull Awareness Month?

Yes, October is now considered National Pit Bull Awareness Month. 

Is there a National Pit Bull Day?

Yes, the last Saturday of October is National Pit Bull Awareness Day. 

What is a pit bull breed?

A pit bull is a medium-sized, stocky breed of dog that was originally developed in England in the 18th century. 

National Pitbull Awareness Day Activities

  1. Find a pit bull to play with

    The easiest way to change your perception about pit bulls is to get to know one personally. Whether it’s through a friend who owns one, a shelter, or an event specific to the awareness day, find a way to play with a pit, and we know you’ll quickly see they’re not the aggressive monsters they’re made out to be.

  2. Adopt a pit bull

    Perhaps one of the most impactful actions you could take would be to give a home to a pit bull in need. They’re smart and strong dogs, so training is essential, but once you’ve done this, they are among the most obedient and loving breeds in the country.

  3. Share your experiences

    Whether you’re attending an adopt-a-thon, visiting a local shelter, donating food and supplies, or any other officially sponsored event, make sure you share it on social media with the hashtag #NationalPitBullAwarenessDay. Find out if anyone else around you is also celebrating, and meet up to help get the positive word out about these loving animals.

Why We Love National Pitbull Awareness Day

  1. It tells the truth

    By expanding education and advocacy, the event hopes to save the lives of countless pit bulls by negating the fear and bias spread by the media. It also hopes to eliminate quick governmental reactions, such as breed bans. In doing so, it’s expected that fewer people will give up their pits for adoption, more will bring pit bulls home, and a positive cycle will be created.

  2. It opens the door for conversation

    For pit bull advocates, this is a day to start a conversation about their beloved animal, sharing facts and figures most people don’t know. For example, some tests conducted by the The American Temperament Test Society have shown that pit bulls actually have a temperament pass rate of 82.3 percent, making it among the top five most stable breeds of the country.

  3. Awareness works

    Now 10 years running, the campaigns and events held on National Pit Bull Awareness Day have had great success. In the media, it’s much more common to see advocacy, rather than admonishment, for pit bulls, especially as the millennial generation finds its footing and continues to adopt rescue pets, rather than buying from breeders.

National Pitbull Awareness Day dates

2022October 29Saturday
2023October 28Saturday
2024October 26Saturday
2025October 25Saturday
2026October 31Saturday

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