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FriOct 25

National Chucky Day – October 25, 2024

National Chucky Day is celebrated on October 25 every year. This annual celebration of the iconic character from the “Child’s Play” franchise is for all fans of slasher and horror films, and especially for the fans of Chucky and all of the movies he has appeared in.

“Child’s Play” is a movie franchise that is commonly known as “Chucky” because of how iconic the character has become. The franchise has about eight feature films with more in the pipeline and several associated media featuring Chucky. The films and the character have developed cult followings, leading to a day being set aside to celebrate this important part of horror media.

History of National Chucky Day

National Chucky Day is celebrated throughout the country on October 25. This annual holiday celebrates the iconic character of Chucky from the “Child’s Play” media franchise, a beloved cult classic.

The franchise began with the titular film “Child’s Play,” a supernatural film with elements of both slasher and psychological, pure horror in it. The film was the first in the series and the first to feature Chucky. The film later came to be known as “Chucky” because of how popular this main character was.

Chucky is a doll possessed by the soul of a serial killer called Charles Lee Ray, nicknamed Chucky. As a human, Chucky is shot, and when he realizes that he’s bleeding out, he transfers his soul into a doll. Throughout the various movies in the franchise, Chucky is always trying to possess a human body again to continue his murderous spree.

The first film was a box office success and established a cult following, which led to the creation of the “Child’s Play” media franchise that included several feature films, shorts, and T.V. shows. Chucky is one of the most recognizable horror movie icons today.

Chucky fits in the killer toys subgenre of horror films, and while the first film was pure horror, the sequels have evolved and changed. The franchise would now be described as slasher films as much as horror films. Additionally, a lot of the pure horror elements of the first movie have given way to a more self-aware look at the cult following of the movies thus incorporating dark humor, satire, and camp elements.

National Chucky Day timeline

“Child’s Play” is Released

“Child’s Play,” a film about a doll possessed by a serial killer is released.

Films Rights Are Sold

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer sells the rights of the “Child’s Play” films to Universal Pictures.

Several Sequels are Released

Universal Pictures produces and releases several sequels to “Child’s Play.”

Shorts and T.V. Shows Developed

Short films and T.V. Shows with Chucky are developed as part of the “Child’s Play” franchise.

National Chucky Day FAQs

Is “Child’s Play” a true story?

No, the movies are works of fiction.

How old should you be to watch “Child’s Play?”

You should be at least 13+ to watch the movies.

How old is Chucky?

In 2018, the 30th anniversary of the release of “Child’s Play,” Chucky turned 68.

National Chucky Day Activities

  1. Have a Chucky party

    Get your horror movie fans together to celebrate this day with a marathon of the “Child’s Play” films. Make sure you have enough popcorn.

  2. Buy Chucky merchandise

    Show your love for the franchise by buying Chucky merchandise. Even better if you can find merchandise that you can wear or a replica of the doll.

  3. Meet up with other fans

    This is a great day to show your love for the films and meet other people who think alike. Get on forums to discuss the movies with other fans and try to meet them.

5 Facts About The “Child’s Play” Movies That Will Surprise You

  1. They’re based on the Buddy dolls

    Chucky was almost called Buddy, and it was only the possible copyright infringement that stopped the director.

  2. The first film was set during Christmas

    Originally, the timeline of the film was set during Christmastime to explain why so many of the dolls were available to be shipped.

  3. A novelization came out with the movies

    With the second movie, Mathew J. Costello released a novel that delves into Chucky’s backstory.

  4. Chucky is named after famous killers

    The name Charles Lee Ray draws from serial killer Charles Manson, and the assassins Lee Harvey Oswald and James Earl Ray.

  5. The movies inspired crimes

    Real-life criminals who murdered people have cited the films as their influence.

Why We Love National Chucky Day

  1. We love the films

    We think that the films are classic horror and deserve all the respect. We love how they are all kinds of horror and self-aware.

  2. We want to share our love

    We think that more people should be introduced to the films, especially new and young fans of horror. We want to share our enthusiasm for the films with everyone.

  3. We’re excited about more media

    We love how important Chucky is to horror. We can’t wait to see how the franchise will grow and what shows and movies will be produced.

National Chucky Day dates

2024October 25Friday
2025October 25Saturday
2026October 25Sunday
2027October 25Monday
2028October 25Wednesday

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