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Digital Parenting Week – October 21-25, 2024

Digital Parenting Week alternates between the second and fourth week of October and this year, it takes place from October 21 to 25. The week has been set apart to appreciate parents for their special and important roles in their children’s upbringing. The internet has made parenting much more complex for guardians. Therefore, this event seeks to encourage good parenting through resources that aid the digital well-being of children. With the rapid advancements in information and technology, there is a need for parents to monitor, moderate, and guide children on the use of the internet.

History of Digital Parenting Week

Digital Parenting Week started back in 2020. It was founded by Parent Zone to appreciate the efforts exerted by parents to raise children, especially within the confines of the internet which has rendered parenting a truly complex endeavor. The exact week for its observation, however, is unclear. It was observed in the fourth week of October in 2020 and the second week of October in 2021.

In 2020, tens of schools around the U.K. partnered with Parent Zone to sponsor the week. To further assist both parents and children in achieving the aim of the Week, Parent Zone launched Ollee – an application that guides parents and children on the use of the internet for life purposes, in the inaugural observation of the week. Ollee is a child-friendly application that advises users on a couple of things children need to thrive in this modern world. The 2021 edition of the week had the theme ‘Well-being,” which is the perfect theme to represent what Parent Zone strives for.

Digital Parenting Week timeline


'Parenting' becomes an English word.

Online Learning

The University of Illinois creates an internet program for students to have access to study materials and listen to audio lectures.

The Earliest Use of the Internet

The internet is mainly used to connect academics and military networks.

Launching Ollee

Parent Zone releases the Ollee app.

Digital Parenting Week FAQs

What has parenting changed in the digital age?

Parenting in the digital age has become a challenging experience. This is because the effect of the internet on children nullifies whatever upbringing a parent gives to a child.

Why is digital parenting important?

Digital parenting helps to equip a child with the basic knowledge required to navigate through the information age we live in.

How do I introduce my child to technology?

When they’re old enough, the best way is to start with technology products made for children.

How to Observe Digital Parenting Week

  1. Have discussions with family

    Discuss the pros and cons of the digital world with your child. Let the child understand the importance of choosing the appropriate content to watch to safely navigate through the internet.

  2. Give digital parenting a try

    Even if you’re skeptical about the initiative, today is a good day to challenge your skepticism and start by giving it a try. You’re then free to disregard it if you don’t like it.

  3. Download Ollee

    Download it to your smartphone and your child’s too. There’s no time like the present.

5 Facts About Parenting That May Interest You

  1. The formative years are crucial

    The parental care and advice (or lack thereof) that a child gets in the first three years mostly shape the child's life.

  2. Talking to babies

    Babies whose parents talk to them often know 300 words or more at the age of two.

  3. The play-way learning

    Playing is the most effective means of learning for children at a very young age.

  4. The impact of television

    Children who are allowed to watch television for over three hours a day are most likely to be affected by traumatic events by the age of seven.

  5. Toddlers mimic

    Kids mimic whatever they see their parents doing.

Why Digital Parenting Week is Important

  1. More adaptive and effective parenting

    Parents cannot shy away from the impact of the internet on the younger generation anymore. Digital parenting allows them to follow the trend while still ensuring that important norms and values are instilled in the child.

  2. It offers security and safety

    Digital parenting offers parents the opportunity to discuss and guide children about internet risks. This includes pornographic content, scams, identity fraud, malware, and viruses.

  3. Protecting family

    Monitoring the activities of children on the internet — the pictures, comments, and whatever they post, and correcting them where necessary is indispensable. It’s the only way to protect children from any dangers.

Digital Parenting Week dates

2022October 24Monday
2023October 16Monday
2024October 21Monday
2025October 13Monday
2026October 26Monday

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