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International Civility For the Girl Child Day – October 13, 2024

International Civility For The Girl Child Day is marked on October 13 to honor, promote, and support a girl’s right to make her own decisions. It is a celebration of the wisdom, tenacity, and intellect of girls, who are fully capable of making their own choices — just as boys their age are. The day prompts girls to follow the ‘golden rule’ and achieve whatever they want in life. Brought into existence by American civility expert Louisa Akaiso in 2020, the holiday motivates us to fight for a world in which girls have the liberty and civility to do whatever they want in life.

History of International Civility For the Girl Child Day

Women and girls live lesser lives in fear and anticipation of male violence. In a world in which girls are commanded, overruled, threatened, and silenced for expressing their thoughts, the observation encourages them to find their voice, develop leadership qualities, and embrace their flaws. Tis’ the season to champion Girlpower. The day is inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals of U.N. Women.

Every woman and girl must have the liberty to chase their potential, live a life that’s free of any form of violence, and express their views without a threat of retribution. This day seeks to restore the dignity of the life of a girl. For her to exude greatness, they need to embrace their uniqueness. Through legislation and retrospection, we can end all forms of discrimination against girls everywhere in the world. The day urges us to identify and eliminate all forms of violence against women in private and public places, including human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Liberated girls grow up to be free women who carry nations forward. From the moment that they can, girls must make decisions about their education, careers, and personal lives. An investment in girls from the very beginning of their lives promises a more prosperous and equitable future. Girls are half of humanity, and the world awaits their input as we seek to battle growing crises such as climate change, economic growth, political conflict, and global sustainability.

International Civility For the Girl Child Day timeline

The Democratic Knock

Wyoming becomes the first state in the U.S. to give women the right to vote in all elections.

The Reproductive Quest

American social worker Margaret Sanger opens a birth control clinic in Brooklyn, which later evolves into Planned Parenthood.

The Ripple of Rights

The United States legislature ratifies the 19th Amendment to grant all women the right to vote.

The Executive Strongarm

President Lyndon B. Johnson establishes affirmative action plans for women's employment and issues an executive order prohibiting sex discrimination in government jobs.

The Day is Announced

Civility expert Louisa Akaiso launches International Civility For the Girl Child Day.

International Civility For the Girl Child Day FAQs

How can we help the girl child?

Spread awareness about the importance of gender equality, ensure education for all girls, and create a safe and stable environment that propels them to reach their full potential.

When is International Day of the Girl Child Day?

The International Day of the Girl Child is celebrated on October 11 of every year.

How can we close the gender gap?

We can close the gender gap by demolishing gender roles, supporting women and girls in their professional and personal lives, and prompting our male allies to do better.

How to Observe International Civility For the Girl Child Day

  1. Celebrate Girlpower

    Celebrate the spirit of Girlpower by uplifting stories of female empowerment and female excellence. Extend a helping hand to women in need and create powerful networks that can be converted into actionable resources. International Civility For The Girl Child Day validates girls around the world and reaffirms their fight against the conditions that hold them back.

  2. Participate in the #GirlisEnough campaign

    #GirlisEnough is a social media campaign that connects people with activists and feminists who can forward the resources to channel their passion into constructive activism. Share your thoughts about the day with the hashtag and connect with people from all around the world.

  3. Fight for girls’ rights

    Fighting for girls’ rights is fighting for a better, more secure future for the entire world. Having the freedom to make their own mistakes is a formative experience that transforms them into responsible adults. In their quest to find their own voice, they get to evolve as the leaders of tomorrow.

5 Facts About The Women Population Around The Globe

  1. Illiteracy rate in Women

    Two-thirds of the total women population around the world are illiterate.

  2. Early marriages of girls

    About 12 million girls are married before reaching the age of 18.

  3. Female Genital Mutilation

    According to reports around 200 million females alive today have gone through female genital mutilation.

  4. Educating women can help the economy

    Girls who get an education can add around 10 to 20% to the economy.

  5. Working women estimation

    As per UNICEF, around 600 million women will be working in the next decade.

Why International Civility For the Girl Child Day is Important

  1. It supports girls

    Little girls need our advocacy and support, especially in the face of patriarchal conditioning that demotes them to the status of the second sex. Girls around the world need examples and idols to emulate and seek inspiration from. We celebrate the day of civility while proposing a civil departure from the old-age traditions and clutches of gender equality.

  2. It fights the labels

    From the moment that they are born to the final stretches of life, they are inundated with mockery and name-calling. International Civility for the Girl Child Day combats the labels that bind them and advocates for a world in which girls are free to take decisions in their life.

  3. Girls are worthy of freedom

    The Russian poem that states that girls are made of flowers, gossip, and marmalade is full of falsehoods. Little girls are made of bravery, clenched fists, independence, passion, heart, dignity, strength, and ambition, and are worthy of freedom. On October 13, we fight for their liberty and promise them a future in which they can pursue the Golden Rule.

International Civility For the Girl Child Day dates

2024October 13Sunday
2025October 13Monday
2026October 13Tuesday
2027October 13Wednesday
2028October 13Friday

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