National No Bra Day – October 13, 2019

Sun Oct 13

October 13 is National No Bra Day, also known as, every day after we get home from work day. Today is not just about comfort, though. National No Bra Day, which falls right in the middle of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, is a time for women (and men!) to learning about breast health. It helps remind people that breast cancer is a potentially fatal disease, but also one of the most preventable forms of cancer. National No Bra Day is all about learning to spot early warning signs and get an edge in the fight against cancer. So get educated this October 13!

How to Observe National No Bra Day

  1. Learn how to perform a breast self-examination

    Self-examinations are often key to spotting breast cancer in its early stages. There are helpful infographics on the internet, and you can also consult a physician for further details. If, during your examination, you feel a lump or notice any irregularities (such as discharge, dimpling, or puckering), consult your doctor immediately. According to Johns Hopkins Medical Center, “40 percent of diagnosed breast cancers are detected by women who feel a lump,” and the key to beating cancer is to catch it early.

  2. Participate on social media

    Share your support for your lawless, bra-less comrades by documenting your experience on social media. Connecting with others who are also observing this holiday can lead to helpful conversations, tips on great cancer charities, or even new friendships!

  3. Buy a new bra

    Maybe it's counterintuitive, but National No Bra Day is a great excuse to treat yourself to a more comfortable bra. A bra that doesn't fit can be a real pain, so use the spirit of the day to treat yourself to comfort!

Why National No Bra Day is Important

  1. It raises breast cancer awareness

    Since it is customary for people with breasts to wear bras every day, setting aside a day for purposely not wearing a bra helps make people more aware of breasts in general. Cancer, as a disease, relies on people not paying attention to it until it’s too late. But by paying attention and being aware of your breasts, you minimize the risk that you will be severely affected by breast cancer.

  2. It raises breast awareness

    We're just going to say it—breasts are a taboo subject. But, if no one talks about them, how are we ever going to lower the risk of breast cancer? National No Bra Day is a day where it's okay, and even encouraged, to talk about breasts. This normalizes them, and de-stigmatizes getting checked for cancer.

  3. It’s the most comfortable day of the year

    Non-bra-wearers may not realize this, but bras have a tendency to be hideously uncomfortable. National No Bra Day is a great excuse to throw convention to the wind and go without a bra! (Only if you want to, of course.)

National No Bra Day dates
2019October 13Sunday
2020October 13Tuesday
2021October 13Wednesday
2022October 13Thursday
2023October 13Friday