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SunOct 13

National M&M Day – October 13, 2024

Kids love ’em, adults feel nostalgic eating them, and they won’t melt in your hand, just in your mouth — we’re talking M&M’s here. It’s National M&M Day, so get ready to celebrate. Created in 1941, this iconic candy has been a staple for over 75 years.

National M&M Day timeline

​The idea for M&M’s was born

​After seeing soldiers carry Smarties — chocolate pellets protected by a shell to keep them from melting —during the Spanish Civil War, Forrest Mars Sr., son of the Mars Company founder, pitched the idea of the candy we know today as M&M’s.

​Manufacturing M&M’s began

​Forrest Mars Sr. started producing M&M’s at a factory in New Jersey

​The famous tagline was created

​The popular M&M tagline, "Melts in your mouth, not in your hand,” was released.

​M&M’s were branded

​A black “M” is printed onto M&M’s to give them a unique look — it was changed to a white “M” in 1954.

​M&M’s went overseas

​M&M’s went on sale in Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, and Hong Kong.

National M&M Day Activities

  1. Have an M&M inspired bake sale

    Bake sales are always great because they get everyone involved in the celebration and they raise money for a cause. So celebrate National M&M Day by inviting friends and family to join you in a bake sale — the only catch is that they have to incorporate M&M’s into whatever item they make.

  2. Host a sweet party

    Now, we don’t mean sweet as in “rad” or “cool” (although we’re sure it will be), but when we say sweet, we mean foods, snacks, and drinks that’ll satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. For instance, you can serve M&M brownies, cookies, cupcakes, smoothies, and cocktails!

  3. Don the color of your favorite M&M

    We’ve all seen the commercials: the smart, know-it-all red one, the dumb but kindhearted yellow one, the sassy, sultry green one. Odds are, there’s an M&M you connect with most, so on National M&M Day, celebrate by rocking a yellow tie, a red shirt, or a green scarf — whatever helps you get in touch with your inner M&M.

​5 Magical & Marvelous M&M's Facts

  1. Orange once replaced red

    ​The company stopped making red M&M’s for 10 years because researchers linked the red dye amaranth to cancer (even though red M&M’s didn’t — and still don’t — contain this type of red dye); they picked orange as the replacement.

  2. Cardboard tubes came first

    ​Today, we associate a tube of M&M’s with mini M&M’s, but back in the day, the original packaging of all M&M’s was a cardboard tube.

  3. ​The “M’s” stand for the owners

    Forrest Mars Sr., of the Mars candy company, struck a deal with Bruce Murrie, son of Hershey president William Murrie, to develop a hard-shelled candy with chocolate at the center.

  4. ​Fans voted to replace tan M&M’s with blue

    Mars eventually decided that having tan and brown M&M’s was silly — and that tan candy was a bit underwhelming — so they had fans choose between blue, pink or purple as the color to replace tan M&M’s; obviously, blue was the winner.

  5. ​Astronauts love M&M’s

    ​That’s right, because of how easy they are to eat, M&M’s are the most consumed chocolate in outer space.

Why We Love National M&M Day

  1. It’s an excuse to have a sweet treat

    Not that you need permission to indulge on chocolatey goodness — but still. Go ahead, take full advantage of National M&M Day. The big question: How many will you have?

  2. Because they melt in your mouth, not in your hand — need we say more?

    As their famous tagline suggests, M&M’s won’t melt in your hand — making them a perfect treat for kids (and any adults who have a million things to do and can’t inhale their M&M’s in a matter of seconds). So celebrate this candy staple — and one that has saved you from being a chocolatey mess.

  3. There’s a flavor — and a color — for all of us

    Milk chocolate and dark. Salty caramel and mint. Let's not forget peanuts. Plus, like race cars, they come in a variety of custom colors. So on National M&M Day, celebrate the candy that has something for everyone.

National M&M Day dates

2024October 13Sunday
2025October 13Monday
2026October 13Tuesday
2027October 13Wednesday
2028October 13Friday

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