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MonOct 14

International: Day of respect for cultural diversity – October 14, 2024

The International Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity in Argentina, celebrated on October 14 this year, commemorates the diversity of native Americans and Europeans. In other areas of the world, it is commemorated on the same day as Columbus Day. In Argentina, the festival is currently called the Day of Cultural Diversity Respect. It is commonly observed on the second Monday of October; however, some nations such as Venezuela and Chile observed it on October 12, while Colombia observed it on October 17, even though it is the same festival. The name change and departure from the original date may reflect the fact that certain indigenous people may regard Columbus and the Europeans as a bad occurrence.

History of International: Day of respect for cultural diversity

In Argentina, the Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity is a relatively new term for the occasion previously known as Da de la Raza, which translates as Day of the Races. Relating to explorer and navigator Christopher Columbus and his Hispanic crew, it is still known as Da de la Raza in several South American countries. It originated as a celebration to mark the importance of the Hispanic impact on the Americas, but over time, Da de la Raza has evolved into a counter-celebration for the numerous cultures that make up modern South America, from indigenous peoples to those of Hispanic descent. This is in line consistent with the reality that Columbus brought both good and bad.

The word ‘La Raza’ is thought to originate from Spanish minister Faustino Rodrguez-San Pedro, President of the Ibero-American Union, who sponsored the inaugural celebration in 1914 under the name Feast of the Race. Mexican writer José Vasconcelos stated in his 1925 book, “La Raza Cósmica,” that a continual mingling of races had begun in the Latin globe/arena and will culminate in a new race.

This ideology is deemed disrespectful to the indigenous culture since many believe it compels them to accept their Hispanic origins. Due to the controversies surrounding the phrase ‘La Raza,’ certain nations, such as Venezuela, have initiated the term ‘Da de la Resistencia Indigena’ to highlight the reluctance of indigenous people to submit to the imposition of European culture.

We respect the multiplicity of cultural expression that has evolved over the years, interacting, nurturing, and integrating all people. Honoring the diversity of traditions, belongings, and identities that make up our society enriches us all while combating polarization and prejudice to increase intercultural understanding and collaboration. In Argentina, parades and celebrations recognize the invaluable Hispanic influence on the Americas.

International: Day of respect for cultural diversity timeline

Christopher Columbus Sets Sail

Explorer Christopher Columbus sails forth from Spain and lands in the Americas on October 12.

The Day of Races

The word ‘La Raza’ is thought to originate from Spanish minister Faustino Rodrguez-San Pedro, President of the Ibero-American Union.

First Celebrations in Argentina

Argentina is the first country to observe the International Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity.

Change of Name

The President of Argentina formally alters the name, making the event more inclusive and joyous.

International: Day of respect for cultural diversity FAQs

What exactly is cultural diversity, and why is it so important?

Cultural diversity promotes the belief that each individual can make a distinctive and valuable contribution to society because of, rather than despite, their differences.

Why is cultural preservation important?

Culture and its history reflect and define a people’s values, beliefs, and goals, helping to shape their national identity. It is crucial to preserve our cultural past because it safeguards our national identity.

How can you help to promote cultural diversity?

Respect individual diversity and recognize that participation in a given group does not imply that all members of that group share the same values, beliefs, rituals, and requirements. Encourage young people to recognize and value the characteristics that make persons distinct and exceptional.

International: Day of respect for cultural diversity Activities

  1. Enjoy the parades

    The events are held in several local cities and towns. In addition to bringing people from all over the world together for two days of festivals and celebrations, various museums around the country conduct informative and celebratory programs.

  2. Honor the heritage

    For many individuals, incorporating parts of their cultural ancestry into their daily life is the most meaningful way to commemorate it. They practice and pass on the great principles they were taught.

  3. Attempt to keep current

    Keeping up with current events can be emotionally devastating at times but can also be immensely informative since we are all related in some way. Read up on this day to stay ahead of the times.

5 Facts About Cultural Differences

  1. Thousands of languages are spoken globally

    Today, over 6,000 languages are spoken throughout the world, many of which are spoken by only a few hundred individuals.

  2. Mexican for New Year’s Eve

    Mexicans celebrate New Year's Eve by eating 12 grapes at midnight; this practice is quite popular throughout Latin American countries and dates back to their forefathers.

  3. Coconut celebration

    The wonderful coconut-based cocktail, the Pina Colada, was conceived by Puerto Ricans.

  4. Europe's lowest population density

    Spain has the lowest population density in Europe; it is physically five times larger than the United Kingdom yet has 33% fewer people.

  5. Most linguistically diverse

    Africa is home to between 800 and 1,500 of the world's languages, making it the world's most linguistically varied continent.

Why We Love International: Day of respect for cultural diversity

  1. Traveling to different cultures is thrilling

    Some individuals claim that global travel is changed the outlook on life, but it's difficult to know what that means unless you've met people on the other side of the world with whom you have commonalities.

  2. It expands our mind

    You most likely live in a town, city, or area with individuals who do not share your cultural, religious, political, or general global views. Asking questions and listening to diverse points of view make us all better people. You never know how your ideas will alter as a result.

  3. It is a chance to learn more about diversity

    This is an ideal moment to delve more into the history of variety among Native Americans and Europeans, particularly for history buffs. It allows you to understand more about the cultural variety.

International: Day of respect for cultural diversity dates

2022October 10Monday
2023October 16Monday
2024October 14Monday
2025October 13Monday
2026October 12Monday

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