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National Communicate with your kids days – December 5, 2024

National Communicate With Your Kids Day is celebrated on December 5 every year. It is a special day that promotes and spreads awareness about the importance of communicating with your kids. Did you know that kids who have good communication with their parents come out successful in life? Yes, parents who communicate with their kids often build a great relationship with them and also send their kids a message that they value their thoughts and feelings. So, what exactly is this National Communicate With Your Kids Day all about and why is it important?

History of National Communicate with your kids days

Parents, let’s be frank — life is busy and, in between work and life responsibilities, you might miss a few moments with your children. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many parents worry that they don’t spend enough time with their children, wondering if this will lead to developmental delays. This is why National Communicate With Your Kids Day was created; to communicate with your kids to develop a friendly relationship so that they can share their personal feelings, which can avoid many problems in life.

Effective communication is a very important skill that is necessary at all stages of life. The better we are at it, the better our quality of life will be. Communication starts as soon as the child is born, from letting the mother know that we have arrived with our first cry to everything thereafter. So, as the child develops, it is important we nurture their communication skills so they are capable of expressing themselves clearly and confidently in all aspects and areas of their life. Even as the child grows older, being able to communicate with employers is critical, regardless of the industry or career they pursue. Good communication skills are listed among the most desirable skills in nearly every job description.

Thus, like any other skill, communication skills can be developed and fine-tuned with practice. But by helping develop good communication skills in a child from their youth, as a parent, you are equipping them straight away with the skills to build a successful future.

National Communicate with your kids days timeline

3500 B.C. — 3000 B.C.
Communication By Writing

The Sumerians develop cuneiform writing and the Egyptians develop hieroglyphic writing.

3500 B.C.
The First Documented Communication

Mankind communicates through paintings and cave carvings.

1600 B.C.
The Invention of Alphabet

The Phoenicians develop the alphabet.

105 A.D.
The Invention of Paper

The Han dynasty invents the method of papermaking for communication.

National Communicate with your kids days FAQs

Is communication important to children in the early years?

Communication is very important to children in the early years because it is vital in developing and maintaining relationships. It includes the nuances of non-verbal communication as well.

Is communication skill crucial for learning?

Yes, communication skills are crucial for learning as children need these skills to make friends, learn, and let people know what they want. It is the foundation of relationships.

How to communicate with a child?

Listen with your whole body, pick up the emotions, acknowledge your child’s feelings, avoid shaming your child, and focus on behavior. Most of all, try to see the situation through your child’s eyes.

National Communicate with your kids days Activities

  1. Communicate

    Communication with your child is the greatest way to observe National Communicate With Your Kids Day. Spend some time with them by taking a break from your busy schedule.

  2. Have a daily connection

    Engage in everyday quality time with your child. Try to carry out this action in front of your child. Try video chatting with your child if they are not staying with you to find out about their day.

  3. Play with them

    Communicating is not always verbal. You can play with your child, even if it's during bath time or outside before you drop them off at preschool. Every little bit of time makes a positive impact.

5 Facts About Kids And Communication

  1. It is more than crucial

    Communication with children is essential to their relationships and development.

  2. It involves listening too

    Good communication involves listening in ways that make children feel valued.

  3. It makes them better at school

    A child who’s good at communicating verbally will likely perform better in school.

  4. Children thrive on communication

    Children thrive with words of encouragement and praise.

  5. Smile often

    Children will respond better to a smile than a frown.

Why We Love National Communicate with your kids days

  1. It’s a much-needed day

    National Communicate With Your Kids Day is a much-needed day that emphasizes the need for good communication skills among children. As parents, it’s our duty to make sure that our children communicate well.

  2. Quality time

    National Communicate With Your Kids Day gives us an opportunity to connect with our children. These meaningful connections are about the quality of time, not the quantity of time.

  3. You can be a role model

    Children learn to communicate by watching their parents carefully. So, by talking with your child in a respectful way, you give out a powerful message to your child about positive communication.

National Communicate with your kids days dates

2024December 5Thursday
2025December 5Friday
2026December 5Saturday
2027December 5Sunday
2028December 5Tuesday

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