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ThuDec 5

Sacher-Torte Day – December 5, 2024

We get to indulge our sweet tooth on Sacher-Torte Day every year on December 5. The cake is famous worldwide for its taste, and this day is set aside to appreciate this culinary delight and how it has satisfied millions of people for hundreds of years. Tortes are similar to cakes, and many regard them as a cake variant. The difference lies in the ingredients — the torte incorporates several components that give it a tighter crumb and a heavier base than cake.

History of Sacher-Torte Day

The Sacher-Torte ranks among the most celebrated culinary creations in Vienna. Sacher-Torte is a special kind of chocolate cake invented under equally special circumstances in 1832 by Austrian pastry chef, Franz Sacher, for the Austrian State Chancellor, Prince Clemens Lothar Wensel Metternich.

A huge fan of novel dishes, the Prince ordered the creation of a new cake. With the head chef out sick, the kitchen staff immediately went into panic mode. No one had any idea what to prepare — and then Franz Sacher had a culinary revelation. Despite being a 16-year-old, Sacher gathered his wits and the available ingredients, then set about to create what has since become a famous chocolate cake. The prodigy would go on to run several restaurants and cafes. The Sacher-Torte was by far his most notable creation; it established his genius and made him prosperous. In 1876, Franz Sacher’s son, Eduard Sacher, opened a luxury hotel in Vienna which bore the family name. The Sacher-Torte unsurprisingly became the staple of the Sacher Hotel. The hotel would rise in popularity under the management of Eduard’s wife, Anna Sacher. Famous for her love of cigars and dogs, Anna Sacher transformed the hotel into a hotspot for diplomats, aristocrats, and socialites.

Sacher-Torte Day was created to celebrate this amazing dessert and its unique origins. Food lovers worldwide can testify to the superb taste of what many call the best chocolate cake ever made. Longtime admirers and first-timers alike get to enjoy this yummy holiday every year as the holiday season looms. What a treat!

Sacher-Torte Day timeline

Franz Sacher Creates the Sacher-Torte

Franz Sacher makes the first Sacher-Torte for the Austrian State Chancellor, Prince Clemens Lothar Wensel Metternich.

Hotel Sacher Opens

Eduard Sacher opens a luxury hotel bearing the family name.

Eduard Sacher Dies

Eduard Sacher dies, and his wife, Anna, takes over the management of the hotel.

Anna Sacher Dies

Anna Sacher dies in the same hotel she managed.

Sacher-Torte Day FAQs

How long does a Sacher-Torte stay fresh?

The average shelf life of a Sacher-Torte is about seven days, and it’s the perfect dessert to add to your meals.

Is there alcohol in Sacher-Torte?

The Hotel Sacher has a variant, Sacher-Punschtorte, that contains alcohol. You can also add rum syrup in between the layers for the desired effect.

What is the best way to eat Sacher-Torte?

Sacher-Torte is usually served with whipped cream, and you are expected to moisten each bite of the cake by dipping it in the cream.

Sacher-Torte Day Activities

  1. Whip up a batch

    There’s no better way to celebrate Sacher-Torte Day than to eat one. Make a fresh Sacher-Torte or visit a local store and buy one.

  2. Try a new recipe

    Look up recipes for Sacher-Torte online and try one. You can also channel your inner Franz Sacher and add a twist to an old recipe for something special.

  3. Try the real deal

    What could be better than tasting the original recipe? You can get the original Sacher-Torte at the Hotel Sacher in Vienna or Salzburg.

5 Facts About Sacher-Torte That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Globetrotter

    Over 360,000 Sacher-Torte are shipped around the globe by the Hotel Sacher.

  2. Endless shopping list

    To make that number of cakes, one would need about 1,2 million eggs, 30 tons of flour, 37 tons of apricot jam, and 25 tons of butter.

  3. Handmaidens

    The Sacher Hotel kitchen staff still hand-make Sacher-Torte using the original recipe.

  4. Under lock and key

    The Hotel Sacher keeps the original hand-written Sacher-Torte recipe in a safe.

  5. Rumour has it

    The icing comprises a blend of three chocolates from Germany and Belgium.

Why We Love Sacher-Torte Day

  1. We love yummy desserts

    This delightful cake is loved all around the world. It’s no wonder it has its own holiday.

  2. Rich history

    Franz Sacher’s story is an inspiring one. The stakes were high, and the pressure was on, but he managed to create a delicacy that would last for generations to come. If that doesn’t light a fire in your belly, what will?

  3. A taste of Europe

    The Sacher-Torte is one of the most loved desserts in Vienna, and it offers a tasty perspective into the dynamic European culinary scene.

Sacher-Torte Day dates

2024December 5Thursday
2025December 5Friday
2026December 5Saturday
2027December 5Sunday
2028December 5Tuesday

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