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TueDec 5

Celebrate Shelter Pets Day – December 5, 2023

We celebrate shelter pets on Celebrate Shelter Pets Day, which is observed on December 5 every year. The day brings awareness to pets such as dogs and cats that are in shelters. A lot of people often think of adopting a pet from a shelter home, but they don’t always follow through with that thought because they think there is something wrong with shelter pets. They are wrong. Most people who have adopted shelter pets can testify that shelter groups are full of great pets that provide companionship. There are, unfortunately, some pets in the shelter that are deemed unadoptable because of fear, perceived aggression, or anxiety, but even these issues can be managed if addressed properly.

History of Celebrate Shelter Pets Day

Celebrate Shelter Pets Day started in 2010 as a collaborative effort among the Humane Society of the U.S., the Ad Council, and Maddie’s Fund. The event, which started on Facebook and was called “Shelter Pets Take Over Facebook Day,” has grown to include all social platforms, and over 100 pets and their owners are now involved.

The Humane Society of the United States (H.S.U.S.) is a non-profit organization in America that specializes in animal welfare and is against animal cruelty in the country. The organization works on different issues, including companion animals, farm animals, wildlife, and equines. H.S.U.S., based in Washington D.C., was founded in 1954 by Fred Myers, Helen Jones, Marcia Glaser, and Larry Andrews. H.S.U.S. does not oversee local shelters, animal care, or control agencies. It is known to promote best practices with a range of services throughout the country.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was formed in 1824 in Britain, and the women in the association formed the first official animal shelter in the country. In 1974 it was reported that about 60% of American households were pet owners, and that number has increased as 67% of American households today own, and pamper, pets. The percentage of pet dogs adopted from shelters increased from 15% in 2006 to 35% in 2016. The internet and social media have helped with the increase in shelter pet adoption.

Celebrate Shelter Pets Day timeline

The First Animal Shelter

The very first animal shelter in the U.S. is formed.

The American Humane Association

The American Humane Association, which is committed to the welfare and well-being of animals, is formed.

The Humane Society of the U.S.

The Humane Society of the United States is formed.

Celebrate Shelter Pets Day

Celebrate Shelter Pets Day is first observed.

Celebrate Shelter Pets Day FAQs

When is National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day?

National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day is observed every year on April 30.

What is a dog's adoption day called?

A ‘Gocha Day’ is the anniversary of your pet’s adoption day.

What month is National Pet Month?

May is National Pet Month.

Celebrate Shelter Pets Day Activities

  1. Support a Shelter

    Shelters often rely on donations to feed and care for their pets, and sometimes they run on a tight budget. Money, though, is not the only way to show support. You can donate supplies such as food, litter, or toys.

  2. Adopt a pet from a shelter

    A good way to observe Celebrate Shelter Pets Day is to adopt a pet from a shelter. Adopting a pet is a lifetime commitment that requires planning. Once you have made plans and are ready to make that pet a part of your family, don’t hesitate to go for it.

  3. Spoil your pet

    If you already have a pet that you adopted from a shelter then, today would be a good day to spoil them with treats. You can get them treats, a new bed or anything you think would brighten up their day.

5 Intriguing Facts About Dogs

  1. Their nose is better than ours

    A dog’s sense of smell is 40 times better than a human’s.

  2. Dogs run very fast

    Some dogs run so fast that they could beat a cheetah.

  3. Dogs don’t sweat like humans

    Dogs don’t sweat like us; they instead produce an oily substance undetectable to the naked eye.

  4. Dogs have a dominant paw

    A dog could be left-pawed or right-pawed.

  5. Their hearing is very sensitive

    A dog can hear sounds at higher frequencies than humans.

Why We Love Celebrate Shelter Pets Day

  1. We love animals

    A day dedicated to celebrating animals is a day to love. Animals are our companions, and even though they can’t talk, a lot of people would be lonely without them.

  2. It focuses on pets in shelter

    Shelter pets are more popular now than they ever were, but they still need all the publicity that they can get. Celebrate Shelter Pets Day focuses on and increases awareness about these special animals.

  3. Increases adoption rate of shelter pets

    The more popular shelter pets get, the higher their rate of adoption. Most people are reluctant to adopt shelter pets because they think something is wrong with the pets there, but this holiday will serve to reduce the stigma associated with shelter pets.

Celebrate Shelter Pets Day dates

2023December 5Tuesday
2024December 5Thursday
2025December 5Friday
2026December 5Saturday
2027December 5Sunday

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