Husband Appreciation Day – April 18, 2020

Sat Apr 18

There are so many words for this amazing man: Partner. Spouse. Hubby. Husband. Hunk — well, hopefully. We love and appreciate our husbands every day. But April 18 is particularly special. It’s Husband Appreciation Day!

Yes, we know, Valentine’s Day wasn’t that long ago. Maybe think of this as the “lite” version. And don’t forget, there’s a Wife Appreciation Day on the calendar as well — so your turn is coming.

Now then, whether it’s a simple a hug or a bouquet of (manly) flowers, take some time out of your day to show this person just why you’ve decided to keep him around so long.



Husband Appreciation Day - Survey Results


9% of married women say they love their husbands, but sometimes they were they were single so they could experience dating again.


10% of married women say they wear the pants in the relationship with their husband. 


#1: My husband is a hard worker (69%)
#2: I can be myself around my husband (62%) 
#3: My husband makes me laugh (61%)
#4: My husband is smart (56%)
#5: My husband is supportive of my goals and desires (52%)
#6: My husband is a great parent (52%)
#7: My husband is sexy (43%)
#8: My husband does the dishes (33%)
#9: My husband is good with money (31%)
#10: My husband buys me things (29%)


#1: My husband has selective listening (47%)
#2: My husband snores (46%)
#3: My husband has bodily quirks (e.g. nose picking, farting, burping, etc.) (25%)
#4: My husband can be a control freak sometimes (21%)
#5: My husband doesn’t contribute enough to household chores (20%)
#6: My husband is not as financially responsible as I am (20%)
#7: My husband works too much (19%)
#8: My husband is a slob (e.g. doesn’t wash dishes, leaves dirty clothes on the floor, etc.) (18%)
#9: My husband doesn’t get along with his inlaws (6%)
#10: My husband always forgets our anniversary (5%)

Husband Appreciation Day Activities

  1. Utilize the peach emoji

    Sure, you can send a card, and your husband would probably appreciate you. You can give him flowers, but flowers will eventually die. You know what won’t die? A text — that thing will be in the cloud forever. So tell your husband what he means to you. Utilize emojis and get creative. He’ll know what you mean.

  2. Cook him his favorite meal

    As the saying goes, the path to a man’s heart is through his stomach. We’re sure our science teachers would tell us that this isn’t biologically accurate, but we’ve always found it to be true. Ditch the pre-made chocolates and cook your husband a nice dessert! You can even make a classy dinner if you want to be fancy. The effort level is all up to you.

  3. Clear the schedule of all activities

    Make National Husband Day all about him and let him do his favorite activity. If he wants to watch sports, watch the game with him. If he wants to go on a hike, get out and explore! By clearing the schedule, you’ll get to spend precious time with your husband. Work and friends can often come in the way of spending quality time together, so spending a day together will be both fun and rewarding.

Why We Love Husband Appreciation Day

  1. Best friends for life

    Now let’s take a moment to clarify because we know your real best friend is going to have a little something to say about it. We say "best friend," but what we mean is confidant and partner in crime. They’re the peanut butter to your jelly. The eggplant to your peach emoji. While your best friend is incredibly special, your hubby fills a special spot in your heart the way no one else can. Without him, your life would get a lot less awesome.

  2. Travel partner

    We get the travel bug all the time. What can we say? We have a bit of wanderlust inside of us! So we love having a built-in travel partner. Whether you’re planning a romantic weekend trip or a dramatic international adventure, you know your hubby’s always along for the ride (or flight). When we say “travel partner,” there’s also another meaning — they’re traveling with us on this journey called life. We love that.

  3. They take out the trash (and other gross chores)

    It may seem silly, but sometimes the practical things are the nicest things. You know, we just get tired of all that diamond jewelry sometimes (we’re practicing a little thing called wishful thinking here). What we really long for is someone who consistently gets stuff done when it needs to be done. We don’t want to take out the trash? They’ll do it. Do dishes need to be done? They’re coming to the rescue! Can we say it again? We love our husbands — especially on Husband Appreciation Day.