May 11th Holidays

We have 9 holidays listed for May 11.

May 11th is the 131st day in the Gregorian calendar. On this day the chess-playing computer Deep Blue took down world champ Gerry Kasparov; 56 soccer supporters died in a fire at Bradford City stadium in England, and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences was founded, giving us the Oscars. Famous May 11th birthdays include Salvador Dali and American footballer Cam Newton. Today is National Eat What You Want Day.


National Eat What You Want Day

Treat yourself by giving in to your sweet tooth, and eating breakfast for dinner.


Hostess CupCake Day

We’re ditching our diets and getting a taste of some delicious Hostess CupCakes!


Make a Book Day

Celebrate the ability of books to open doors to other realms and alternate realities!


National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day

Get ready to spend a day with children as their mental support structure.


National Foam Rolling Day

Roll out those muscles and replace soreness and aches with relief and flexibility.


National Technology Day

Join us as we celebrate yet another ground-breaking achievement in technology.


National Twilight Zone Day

Science fiction, horror, supernatural drama, and unexpected twists.


Somerset Day

From cheese and cider to history and culture, let’s explore the origins of Somerset Day!


World Ego Awareness Day

Assess yourself and your relationship with others this World Ego Awareness Day.