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SunMay 11

National Foam Rolling Day – May 11, 2025

Get your foam rollers ready because National Foam Rolling Day is on May 11. Due to the 21st century lifestyle, many of us spend our days sitting at our desks with little to no movement. This sedentary lifestyle not only leads to tightened muscles and inflexibility, but can also lead to reduced blood flow, stress, muscle ache, and sores. But fret not because foam rolling is here to save the day. Foam rolling, which is also known as ‘the poor man’s massage,’ is an old practice that provides self-massaging techniques. So, if you have sore muscles and are in desperate need of a massage but do not have the time and/or money to go to a professional masseuse, get yourself a foam roller.

History of National Foam Rolling Day

TriggerPoint commemorated National Foam Rolling Day on May 11 in 2015 for the first time. TriggerPoint is a life-enhancing company that deals in making products that can help people exercise easily. The company’s main aim is to help people of all ages, sizes, and lifestyles to be able to have the best muscle therapy. Creating a National Foam Rolling Day wasn’t just a marketing scheme but it was also the company’s way of raising awareness around the issue. Given how online- and desk work has increased extensively over the decades, people’s sedentary lifestyles often mean that their muscles are not getting enough movement.

Interestingly, it is not just people who do not exercise that face muscle tightness, but muscle aches and sores also plague those who regularly indulge in exercise. Back in the 1920s, Moshé Pinchas Feldenkrais, who was a renowned Ukrainian-Israeli physicist and engineer, came up with the Feldenkrais Method, which is a method that relies on self-awareness to improve physical movement and flexibility. The professionals in the industry started using the Feldenkrais Method for their clients’ back support and standing exercises.

As the years went by, Sean Gallagher, a student of Feldenkrais, started using foam rollers as tools for self-massaging. At the time, there were still many naysayers who did not and still do not believe in the benefits of foam rolling. In any case, Gallagher experimented with Broadway performers who needed to be in top shape for their daily performance. The performers agreed to use the foam rollers and, soon enough, Gallagher’s endeavor started reaching new heights of fame and recognition. The rest is, as they say, history.


National Foam Rolling Day timeline

Feldenkrais Method Invented

Moshé Feldenkrais develops his own healing method, the Feldenkrais Method, after suffering from a soccer injury.

Gallagher’s Broadway Experiment

To prove the effectiveness of foam rolling, Sean Gallagher distributes foam rollers to a troop of Broadway performers for their sore muscles.

TriggerPoint’s National Foam Rolling Day

TriggerPoint announces May 11 as the official National Foam Rolling Day to raise awareness about the self-massaging tool and its benefits.

Australia’s Foam Rolling Report

The Australian Government's Department of Health releases a report on foam rolling, stating that the evidence for the technique’s effectiveness is scarce and not significant enough to prove its benefits for any health condition.

National Foam Rolling Day FAQs

Is it better to foam roll in the morning or at night?

Some experts advise foam rolling before a workout and others say after is better. Some say foam rolling before bed is the secret to soothing sore muscles and others think the morning is better.  

Is it bad to foam roll every day?

Foam rolling every day is good for injury prevention and increasing blood flow. You need to be aware of which muscles are giving you trouble with soreness. Once you identify the problem areas, you can start foam rolling that area. 

When should you not foam roll?

You should avoid foam rolling areas that are considered sensitive or fragile. These areas include your neck, ribcage, inner thighs, etc. It’s best to seek professional advice for areas like this. 

National Foam Rolling Day Activities

  1. Do some foam rolling exercises

    Get off your chair and give those muscles a well-deserved massage. Invest in a foam roller to have the option of giving yourself a massage any time of the day and week.

  2. Use the #NationalFoamRollingDay hashtag

    Let your friends and family know about the day by using it as a hashtag on your social media. It is bound to start an interesting conversation about the day’s importance and the benefits of foam rolling.

  3. Read up on foam rolling benefits

    Do some research on the history and benefits of foam rolling. You will be able to see how it can help your muscles in a variety of ways. Who knows, you may just save yourself from going to doctors and chiropractors. However, it is always best to consult a professional about your persistent pains and aches in case you make it worse.

5 Facts About Muscles That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Largest muscle on the back

    The gluteus maximus, which covers the entire length and width of your hip and backside, is the largest muscle in your body, helping support your trunk and posture.

  2. Smallest muscles in the ear

    Your inner ear houses the smallest muscles called the tensor tympani and the stapedius, and these hold your inner ear and all its components together.

  3. Muscle contractibility for movement

    Muscles are made of muscle fibers that help in shortening and lengthening the muscles, thereby aiding in movement.

  4. Muscles are heat producers

    About 85% of the heat that your body produces comes from your muscles contracting.

  5. Muscles only pull

    Your muscles only have the ability to pull and not push so when you are pushing a door open, your muscles are actually ‘pulling against’ the door.

Why We Love National Foam Rolling Day

  1. It’s a celebration of invention

    They say that necessity is the mother of invention. Had Feldenkrais not been injured during a soccer match, it is likely that he wouldn’t have invented the Feldenkrais Method and the resulting foam rolling tool. Inventions indeed require creativity but they also require ‘necessity’ to initiate the invention process in the first place.

  2. It’s a celebration of exercise

    Our body does a lot to keep us alive and moving. It is time we give some love to it by appreciating all the complexities and by exercising. Exercise can help us explore new dimensions and the limits of our bodies.

  3. It’s a celebration of healthy living

    National Foam Rolling Day promotes healthy lifestyles. Healthy living means a balance of daily exercises and a good diet. At the end of the day, we can lead happy lives if we keep ourselves healthy.

National Foam Rolling Day dates

2025May 11Sunday
2026May 11Monday
2027May 11Tuesday
2028May 11Thursday
2029May 11Friday

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