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SatMay 11

World Ego Awareness Day – May 11, 2024

World Ego Awareness Day is celebrated on May 11 every year and is set aside to remind everyone of the dangers of having an inflated ego. We all know someone who we claim has a big ego. World Ego Awareness Day is an important day as it helps people self-reflect on how big their ego truly is and at the same time evaluate their experiences with people around them to determine just how much of their perceived ego comes in conflict with another person’s ego. The day is important, not just for individuals, but for society as well because a society free of toxic egos would thrive better than one that is filled with toxic egos.

History of World Ego Awareness Day

World Ego Awareness Day was created in 2018 to help people that suffer from an advanced case of egoism learn to deal with people around them with better humility. Egoism comes with a lot of negative effects which not just affect the individual, but affects others around them as well. It leads to abusive behavior, a skewed experience with interactions with other people, and blindness to the reality of situations, among other negative effects. It is important to help people around you be more mindful of their behavior while also being mindful of your own on not just World Ego Awareness Day, but every day of our lives. Egoism is a mental condition and should be stomped out by everyone. We all should come together to prevent others from experiencing the effects of this invisible form of abuse.

Education and advocacy can be used to help reduce the number of people in the world that fall victim to egoism. World Ego Awareness Day seeks to highlight the issues surrounding egoism and encourage everyone to be mindful, raise people’s consciousness and speak out against egoistic or narcissistic learned behavior. By observing the day, learning from it, and applying it to our everyday lives, we can work to inform, educate, and prevent one of the major causes of human suffering on Earth.

Many people who suffer from egotism are not aware that they are suffering from a mental condition. When they become aware, they find out that they are either a perpetrator or the one being abused.

World Ego Awareness Day timeline

Psychology Becomes a Study

The field of Psychology, the study of the human mind, coalesces in Leipzig, Germany.

The World’s First Psychology Laboratory

Wilhelm Wundt establishes the first Psychology Laboratory in Leipzig, Germany.

Applying Psychology to Other Fields

Hugo Münsterberg begins writing about the application of psychology to industry, law, and other fields.

The Birth of World Ego Awareness Day

The day is established by the Ego Awareness Movement.

World Ego Awareness Day FAQs

Are we born with an ego?

Yes, we are all born with an ego.

Can ego produce negative feelings?

Anger, fear, resentment, and jealousy are all products of the ego.

Who has more ego male or female?

Males have more displays of ego.

How to Observe World Ego Awareness Day

  1. Read more about Ego

    Celebrate the day by reading more about Egos and Psychology. Learning about it could help you with your mental health and behavior.

  2. Evaluate yourself

    Evaluate yourself on World Ego Awareness Day. It could be just by reflecting on different situations that have caused a conflict between you and someone else to see if egoism came into play.

  3. Spread awareness

    Celebrate the day by spreading awareness. Social media is a great platform to start discussions. The more people that know about the problem, the easier it is to solve.

5 Common Mental Disorders

  1. Depression

    Depression is one of the main causes of disability worldwide and an estimated 264 million people are affected by depression, of which a larger part of the percentage belongs to women.

  2. Bipolar disorder

    The disorder affects about 45 million people worldwide and typically consists of manic and depressive episodes separated by periods of normal mood.

  3. Schizophrenia

    It is a severe mental disorder that affects about 20 million people worldwide.

  4. Dementia

    It is a chronic condition that causes a deterioration in cognitive function (i.e. the ability to process thought).

  5. Developmental disorders

    They are an umbrella term for intellectual disability and pervasive developmental disorders including autism, which start affecting an individual from childhood, causing a delay in functions related to the Central Nervous System.

Why World Ego Awareness Day is Important

  1. It shines a light on a disease we can’t see

    Egoism is a disease that is hard to detect, much like other mental health issues. The day helps shine a light on the disease and help those that suffer from it realize what they’re dealing with.

  2. It keeps people in check

    World Ego Awareness Day helps people evaluate if they are egoistic or victims of egoism. The first part of resolving an issue is identifying it.

  3. It makes society a better place

    A society where everyone is aware of how their ego can affect others would thrive. It builds better communication between people in a society.

World Ego Awareness Day dates

2024May 11Saturday
2025May 11Sunday
2026May 11Monday
2027May 11Tuesday
2028May 11Thursday

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