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National Housewife Day
SunNov 3

National Housewife Day – November 3, 2024

National Housewife Day is held on November 3 to recognize the millions of hardworking caretakers of the home. The day honors the mostly unseen contribution of the stay-at-home moms who take care of the children — keeping them clean, safe and well-behaved — and the home, with its hundreds of unnoticed, repetitive little tasks. It is a 24-hour, 7 days a week, constant job that sometimes does not get the recognition it deserves. This day honors women — and their husbands — for making a choice not always celebrated by modern society.

History of National Housewife Day

The origin of National Housewife day is unclear. The day is used to celebrate women with the courage to take on a nonsalaried role which has no leave and occurs mostly unseen. The term ‘housewife’ is an old term originating from the days when most households were carried by one income. The father provided financially, while the mother stayed home to manage the house and kids. The definition of housewifely tasks isn’t easy since there are several duties for which they are responsible, and they vary from household to household. These duties include; being the planner, organizer, and manager of the house, all of which involve cooking, cleaning, and caring for the children.

Housewives have always existed since man started having nuclear families. In the 19th century, more and more women in industrialized countries began to do paid work in various industries outside the home. During this period, being a housewife was only realistic in middle-class and upper-class families. In the twentieth century, some families had the luxury of having only one partner go out to work to take care of the entire family’s needs. Even more families made the difficult decision to have only one income so that the wife could care for the children and home. Many people see being a housewife as a sort of easy way out, when it is anything but. Now, more people realize that being a housewife is a task of which the value cannot be quantified. This has led to husbands often sharing the load of the housework in the current generation, which was not the norm in previous generations.

The National Housewives Day was created to foster this understanding and increase appreciation for these ‘Super Women’ for all they do. The aim of the day is to give Mom a break and appreciate the job she does.

National Housewife Day timeline

Womens’ Workwear Advertised in Newspapers

Ads appear in U.S. newspapers advertising the proper workwear for doing housework.

Workers to Housewives

Up until the 1970s, married women and mothers are not allowed to work, except during times of war and trouble.

Postage Stamp of Honor

A U.S. stamp is issued honoring homemakers for the 50th anniversary of the Smith-Lever Act, of 1914, which focused on home economics.

“The Desperate Housewives” Show

The TV show begins to air and has a great impact on the image of housewives, showing an adventurous, mysterious side to the job.

National Housewife Day FAQs

What National Day is on November 3?

National Housewife Day is celebrated on November 3.

What is National Homemaker Day?

National Homemaker Day is the other name for National Housewife Day, which is on November 3.

What national days are on November 3?

There are several national days on November 3, such as National Sandwich Day and National Stress Awareness Day.

How To Celebrate National Housewife Day

  1. Take her out to dinner

    As a husband whose wife stays back to care for the home, this is a perfect day for a refreshing dinner with your spouse. Take her to a choice of exquisite restaurant and enjoy a sumptuous meal and time together. If that is not possible, cook the meal and let the kids help out with the chores that follow.

  2. Give her a spa treatment

    After all the cleaning, washing, and arranging, your wife’s body could use some spa pampering. Secure an appointment for her, and let her enjoy some soothing time.

  3. Send appreciation cards and notes

    Give her a card or write a note expressing how much you value her work and commitment to the family. You can purchase some flowers in addition to the notes and cards to make it extra special.

5 Facts About Housewives That Will Amaze You

  1. No vacation

    Being a housewife is a 24/7 job that leaves no time for a vacation away from her duties, even on holiday.

  2. It has a modern twist

    The modern word for ‘housewife’ is ‘homemaker’, as the husband can also decide to be the one to stay at home.

  3. More than twice the normal working hours

    According to 2014 research conducted by, a typical housewife spends 94 hours working every week in the U.S.

  4. Few in communist times

    There were very few housewives in communist countries until free-market economic reform in the 1990s, which led to a resurgence in the number of housewives.

  5. Chinese women bound to be housewives

    In Imperial China, women were homemakers as dictated by the doctrines of Confucianism and cultural norms.

Why We Love National Housewife Day

  1. It helps us realize the value of housewives

    This day gives us proper recognition of the roles performed by housewives and how valuable they are. It corrects the notion that they just laze around the house instead of working because they work longer hours than most in a 9–5 job.

  2. It gives the housewives the break and appreciation they need

    Housewives do a lot, and this day highlights their importance in the home. It thus provides them with some time off work to be celebrated for all they do.

  3. It promotes love in the home

    Through a day like this, housewives will be encouraged, and their spouses will value them more. This will foster more love within the family, which is a great thing!

National Housewife Day dates

2024November 3Sunday
2025November 3Monday
2026November 3Tuesday
2027November 3Wednesday
2028November 3Friday

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