Job Action Day – November 4, 2020

Wed Nov 4

Attention, workers of the world! The first Monday in November is Job Action Day, a day to recognize and empower those who dream of having a job they love. And we don’t mean just any job—we mean the kind of job where, as the old saying goes, you never work a day in your life. Created in 2008 by Quintessential Careers, Job Action Day was intended to empower and inspire hard workers who dreamed of achieving more. It’s a day to connect workers and job-seekers alike with career advice from experts in the career field. If you still dream of being excited to go to work every day, Job Action Day was created in your honor. So celebrate with us on November 4!

Job Action Day Activities

  1. Go to a job fair

    Check out your local community center—chances are they’ve got a career fair coming up, and what better day to have one than on Job Action Day? Career fairs are great ways to meet a whole bunch of potential employers en masse, and to ask them questions face-to-face. Use all your charm and wit, and they’ll definitely remember you when you send in your resume.

  2. Reach out to career experts

    There are all kinds of resources for people who are seeking to improve their job prospects. Professional career counselors exist, but you can also look at your student alumni center, your community center, and even look up friends and family members who work in the kinds of jobs you’d like to have. Job-seeking is all about networking, and communication is key.

  3. Take a vacation

    One key factor in the job search—and one that hardly ever gets mentioned—is knowing when to take a break. Job-seeking involves a lot of rejection, and that can put a mental strain on even those who are most secure in their egos. So remember to take breaks when you can, to recharge your emotional batteries and rebuild your self-esteem. You need both of those things in abundance in the job search.

Why We Love Job Action Day

  1. It’s inspiring

    Job Action Day was created for the purpose of giving hope to anyone who dreams of doing more in their career than they currently are. The hunt for the dream job can be long, stressful, and full of setbacks. But on Job Action Day, job-seekers can receive a shot of new hope as they continue their search.

  2. It’s helpful

    Job Action Day is a perfect opportunity to reach out to experts in your field and to possible future employers. You can go to career fairs, contact anyone you’d love to work for, or spend some time jazzing up your resume. It's a day that inspires us to take action, instead of just thinking about our perfect job.

  3. It can either be relaxing or action-packed

    You can use Job Action Day as a day of work—looking for new jobs, brainstorming ways of getting that promotion you dream of, or reaching out to people who can help you build your professional skills. Or you can use it as a day of relaxation. You work hard enough, looking for an opportunity to get paid to work hard. Job Action Day can be a day where you sit back and congratulate yourself for your courage and tenacity, before resuming your hustle the next day.