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SunNov 3

Culture Day Japan – November 3, 2024

Culture Day Japan is celebrated every year on November 3. The constitution of Japan established this day as a national holiday. This day is also known as ‘Bunka no Hi’ and mostly celebrates the culture, academia, and arts of Japan. This national event is celebrated to pay respects to the traditional Japanese culture and to promote the notion of peace and freedom that is declared in the constitution of Japan. This public holiday was officially announced after the Second World War. In the first week of November, Education and Culture Week is observed. Events related to education and culture are held this week, which create a deep interest for people in Japanese culture.

History of Culture Day Japan

Culture Day Japan has been a public holiday since 1948 and was established two years after the Constitution of Japan was officially announced in 1946. November 3 is an important date because it was the birthdate of the late Emperor Meiji. Emperor Meiji ruled Japan from 1867 to 1912. In 1927, this day was declared a national holiday known as Meiji Setsu to give respect to the late Emperor. This was later changed to Culture Day. 

The celebrations for Culture Day are not limited to November 3 and they carry on for some days. The various festivities held across the different places in Japan encourage the people to engage in their culture and the museums in the country are free to visit on Culture Day so that people can learn more about their culture and country.

Many prestigious awards ceremonies are arranged on this day, which acknowledge the contributions of individuals promoting the Japanese culture. Moreover, this day is important for universities and students. Schools display the artwork of their students to show off their talent.

Many other events are held on this day, including parades and festivals. These parades showcase the traditions and clothing of the Japanese culture and are organized by the government across the country.

Culture Day Japan timeline

The Emperor’s Birthday Celebration

November 3 is used as a day to honor the birth of Emperor Meiji.

The Emperor Dies

The Emperor dies and his birthday is not celebrated anymore.

The Emperor’s Birthday is Celebrated Once More

The day of Emperor Meiji’s birthday is celebrated once more to honor the late emperor and is called Meiji Setsu.

November 3 Changed to Culture Day

After the Second World War and following the constitution of Japan, November 3 is changed to Culture Day to celebrate freedom and peace.

Culture Day Japan FAQs

What is unique about Japanese culture?

The culture of Japan is unique and is a blend of old and new traditions. Japan has deeply rooted customs and the people of Japan have an evolving lifestyle.

What is Japan famous for?

Japanese culture is mostly famous for the Shinto Shrines and the Buddhist Temples.

What are some cultural traditions in Japan?

According to “Japan Talk,” “The following represents some of Japan’s most popular traditions.

  • Bonenkai Parties. Bonenkai are Japanese office parties held in December.
  • Fukusasa Lucky Bamboo Branches.
  • Zabuton Throwing.
  • Yamayaki Mountain Burning.
  • Mamemaki Bean Throwing.
  • Mochi Making.
  • Ehomaki Sushi Rolls.
  • KFC On Christmas Eve.”

How to Observe Culture Day Japan

  1. Watch the Order of Culture award ceremony

    You can observe this day by watching the Order of Culture award ceremony that is held every year to give awards to individuals who have contributed to the culture, art, and academics of Japan.

  2. Visit the local art exhibitions

    A great part of Culture Day involves the promotion of art. You can visit the local art exhibitions to celebrate and appreciate the success of art in Japan. Many art galleries offer free entry on Culture Day.

  3. Visit historical museums

    Since Culture Day also reflects the history of Japan, you can visit the historical museums in Japan to celebrate this day. Due to free entry into historical museums, visiting them is a popular activity amongst families and friends.

5 Great Facts About Japanese Culture

  1. Table manners

    Having good table manners is highly regarded in Japanese culture.

  2. Bowing

    Bowing is the traditional way to greet people in Japan.

  3. Genkan

    In every Japanese home, there is an area inside the front door called the ‘genkan,’ where people change shoes to wear house slippers.

  4. Anime

    Anime is the best cultural export of Japan — a Japanese animation that is hand-drawn or created digitally.

  5. Dining traditions

    Slurping noodles is one of the many interesting dining traditions in Japan — it is an indication of the deliciousness of the food.

Why Culture Day Japan is Important

  1. It celebrates freedom and peace

    The importance of this day lies in the fact that it celebrates the freedom and peace of the nation. This day was announced after the Second World War and the constitution of Japan was also announced on this day.

  2. It promotes Japanese culture

    The constitution of Japan commits to promoting the culture of Japan. The culture of Japan is so rich and unique that it should be promoted throughout the world.

  3. It promotes the fun festivals held on this day

    Many awards ceremonies and festivals are held on this day to promote the art and culture of Japan. Big festivals on this day are an enjoyable and unforgettable way to learn about Japanese culture.

Culture Day Japan dates

2024November 3Sunday
2025November 3Monday
2026November 3Tuesday
2027November 3Wednesday
2028November 3Friday

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