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MonNov 4

Recreation Day Tasmania – November 4, 2024

Recreation Day is celebrated in northern Tasmania, Australia, on the first Monday in November. This year that falls on November 4. It’s a bank holiday for those who observe it, which means they get to take the day off work, and schools are closed.

History of Recreation Day Tasmania

Recreation Day Tasmania is an odd bank holiday in that it does not come with a huge amount of historical significance attached. There is no cultural or religious backstory to the holiday, and for most of its existence it was simply known as the “First Monday of November Holiday.”

This changed in 1989 when the Bank Holidays Act was altered and all references to the holiday were deleted, and so Recreation Day was created in its place. Initially, the day was observed on November 11 but that has now been changed to the first Monday in November.

The holiday is said to exist mainly to even out the bank holidays across the state of Tasmania. Those in the south have a day off to celebrate the Royal Hobart Regatta, and Recreation Day balances it out so that everyone in the state gets the same number of holidays.

Recreation Day Tasmania timeline

A Century

2019 marks 100 years since the first time the holiday was celebrated, although it has been known as Recreation Day for less time.

Let's Make It November 11

The government decided that Recreation Day would now be observed on November 11 to coincide with the final day of the Australian Pacing Championship.

An Amended Act

The Bank Holidays Act is amended and the holiday that was previously known as the First Monday of November Holiday is no more.

The First Monday in November

The holiday is celebrated for the first time, coinciding with the launch of the Bank Holidays Act.

Recreation Day Tasmania Activities

  1. Plan a family trip out

    There’s no better way to observe a bank holiday than to do something together as a family. You could go for a drive to somewhere such as a nature park and have a picnic together.

  2. Binge watch some TV

    For most people in northern Tasmania, Recreation Day means a day off work, a day to relax. What better way to relax than to put your feet up and binge watch some TV.

  3. Cook something special

    You’ve got a whole free day to play with, so why not use the opportunity to experiment in the kitchen and cook something special. Invite your friends and family over so that they can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Why We Love Recreation Day Tasmania

  1. A day off work

    Any day that provides a day off work is a good day in our books. Saviour the four-day week and enjoy not being at work, bank holidays are few and far between!

  2. It’s an opportunity to be around loved ones

    A day off means you can do what you like, and what’s even better if those who are important to you are also likely to be off work too. That means Recreation Day is a great opportunity to be with those who you love.

  3. It’s unique to a select few

    It’s a bank holiday that only applies to half a state, which is very rare. We love rare and unique things at National Today, and so we appreciate Recreation Day for that.

Recreation Day Tasmania dates

2022November 7Monday
2023November 6Monday
2024November 4Monday
2025November 3Monday
2026November 2Monday

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