National Sandwich Day – November 3, 2019

Sun Nov 3

Observed annually on Nov. 3, National Sandwich Day is one of our favorite holidays. The sandwich is believed to be the namesake of John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, following the claim that he invented the first ever sandwich. As one of America’s most popular lunch items, this day gives us a great reason to enjoy a sandwich.

National Sandwich Day Activities

  1. Make a sandwich for someone

    Give a sandwich to a loved-one, friend, or a complete stranger you pass on the street. Spread the love, because it doesn’t have to be a cold-cut world out there.

  2. Make it your own way

    Pick one of the many sandwich recipes online, go to your local deli or grocery store to buy the ingredients, and handle business. Most importantly, make that burger with love!

  3. Cruise over to your local deli

    You’ll be amazed at all the delis you’ll find nearby. Enjoy a finely crafted sandwich at your fingertips.

Why We Love National Sandwich Day

  1. It’s a great to-go meal

    While some people love sitting down and taking their time to enjoy a great sandwich, some just simply have a fast-paced lifestyle. For those people always on the go, a beautifully crafted sandwich is always a great idea.

  2. Familiarity

    Sometimes, when we go out to eat, we don’t like want to be challenged. We crave the taste of the familiar and nothing's more familiar, at least to Americans, than the taste of a good ol’ sandwich.

  3. Taste

    Looking to have your mind blown? The possibilities are endless as you create your own combination of meats, cheese, vegetables, seasonings, sauces to have your sandwich your own way. Yes please, with some aioli spread on top.

National Sandwich Day dates
2019November 3Sunday
2020November 3Tuesday
2021November 3Wednesday
2022November 3Thursday
2023November 3Friday