National Aunt and Uncle Day – July 26, 2019

Fri Jul 26

Aunts and uncles are the best — they’re like moms and dads, with all the fun and none of the fuss (or all of the perks and none of the rules). Aunts and uncles are notoriously great listeners. As a kid, it can be wonderful having an adult set of ears that don’t belong to your own mother or father, and aunts and uncles fill that role perfectly. There are plenty of reasons to celebrate the aunts and uncles of the world, and so on July 26, we commemorate National Aunt and Uncle Day!

National Aunt and Uncle Day Activities

  1. Schedule some one-on-one time

    Time with your aunts and uncles is great, but often times, it only happens when the whole family gets together. Try getting to know your aunts and uncles outside of these settings, and you'll surely find that there's a lot more to Auntie Vi than you knew!

  2. Spoil them back

    Your aunt and uncle have done a lot for you. Return the favor! Consider making them something that shows how much you appreciate having them in your life.

  3. Ask Mom & Dad for dirt on your aunts and uncles

    This street goes two ways: for every story that auntie has on mom, mom's got another one on her. It's always interesting hearing about what our relatives were like in their formative years!

Why We Love National Aunt and Uncle Day

  1. They're always there to listen

    Moms and dads are usually part and parcel to the trials and tribulations of a child, so having an unattached, grown-up point-of-view is easy to cherish growing up.

  2. They spoil you

    Your aunt and uncle will almost always let you sneak that extra cookie. As a kid, you don't think twice about the fact that it's because they'll be out-the-door by the time the sugar hits your system!

  3. They've got dirt on mom and dad

    While grandparents are sure to remember many of the details of your parents' far-back follies, your aunts and uncles often have a different perspective. If you're looking for funny stories about your mom and dad while they were growing up, your go-to source of information should be their siblings!