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National Family PJ Day – November 14, 2024

National Family P.J. Day is celebrated on November 14 to remind us that the real comfort lies in spending time with our family as we all rock our matching P.Js. Pajamas, lovingly known as P.Js or jammies, are worn as loungewear or nightwear in distinct parts of the world. For Americans, P.Js are the ultimate comfort wear. National Family P.J. Day encourages all Americans to pull their favorite jammies out of the closet and lounge with their families.

History of National Family PJ Day

The warm comfort of pajamas is a departure from our tight skirts and suits and fixed routines. And the loving embrace of our family is an escape from the world. National Family P.J. Day brings both of these forces together and promises a day filled with love, warmth, and belonging. This super fun holiday was created in 2019 by Soma, an American apparel company, and it is organized during Sleep Comfort Month.

Pajamas are popular in all parts of the world and have a footing in several cultures. South Asia is credited for creating and popularizing the traditional pajama set. The word ‘pajama’ is derived from the Hindi word ‘pae jama,’ which translates to leg clothing. The usage of the word dates back to the Ottoman Empire. There was a time when the West scoffed at the idea of wearing a top and bottom linen pajama set because of its informality. The tides began to change in the early 20th century when French Designer Coco Chanel introduced baggy trousers and loose-fitting tops in her clothing line. Soon enough, the rejects of the past became the top adornment of the high class. From beaches to the movies, women rocked pajamas everywhere, and the perception regarding ill-fitted clothing took a turn in the U.S.

The lasting allure of pajamas can be owed to the classless and genderless connotations attached to them. Anyone can rock a P.J., and there’s nothing cuter than matching sets with the people you love. On November 14, we come together to honor the gods of comfort and take a break to reconnect with our families.

National Family PJ Day timeline

The Pajama Fame

Pajamas gain popularity in the west and become the default loungewear for men, women, and children.

Bette Davis’ Radical Wardrobe

Actress Bette Davis wears her husband’s pajama top to a premiere and creates an iconic fashion moment that millions of women emulate.

The Renditions of Pajamas

“Shortie” or “baby doll” pajamas debut in the market and become the ideal summer nightwear for women.

The Day is Announced

Soma, an American intimate wear brand designates November 14 as National Family P.J. Day.

National Family PJ Day FAQs

Can I wear pajamas in public?

It is not considered appropriate to wear pajamas in public, as they are a part of intimate clothing. This said, there are ranges of modern loungewear that are meant as day wear too. It is important to distinguish between the two.

What is the best fabric for a pajama?

Silk, linen, and cotton are all commendable fabrics for a pajama. While linen has wider breathability, silk and cotton provide better cooling against the skin.

Who popularized pajamas in the U.S.?

Chanel launched pajama styles in 1911, which is said to play a large role behind the pajama fame of the U.S.

National Family PJ Day Activities

  1. Have a pajama day

    Cancel your pre-planned outfit for November 14 because now you will be lounging all day in pajamas with your loved ones. Get matching kits for your family and friends and fill this special day with new memories.

  2. Spread the comfort

    With the holiday season fast approaching, cute and comfortable pajamas make for a pretty special gift. Share the comfort ahead by wrapping up some PJs and chocolates to announce the arrival of the holidays. Make it an office thing too, with work being on a more comfy plane for the day, if it is possible.

  3. Plan a movie night

    End the day with a movie night. Send special invites to your entire family and fill the living room with cushions, good vibes, and love. Prepare a snack bar, dim the lights, and rewatch the old classics.

5 Interesting Facts About Pajamas That Showcase Their Universal Relevance

  1. It’s an Indian invention

    The British colonials introduced pajamas in England after being influenced by the nightly attire of Indians.

  2. The Chanel footprint

    Coco Chanel introduced pajamas for women as an ideal replacement for nightgowns.

  3. Flap and dump

    Before the ‘50s, pajama sets came with flapjacks on the back for bathroom emergencies.

  4. Asia takes the lead

    In Japanese and Chinese culture, it is acceptable to wear silk pajamas in public at any time of the day.

  5. Pajamas to the beach

    In the early 20th century, men and women wore pajama sets to the beach.

Why We Love National Family PJ Day

  1. Comfort is for everyone

    There’s no other feeling quite like wrapping up a hard day at work and switching your formal clothes for a pair of warm and soft pajamas. The annual celebration of pajamas rekindles our love for this amazing form of clothing that places comfort over everything else.

  2. It’s all about the family

    Buying matching pajamas in November is a great way to ring up the upcoming holiday season. As the green leaves turn to crimson, we are reminded of our roots and our ultimate comfort zone — our family. On November 14 and beyond, slow the pace of your life, slip into matching jammies and recount the passage of the year.

  3. We love the variety

    Jammies come in all shapes and sizes. There’s one for every mood. While the celebration is largely about reconnecting with your family, it doesn’t hurt to get creative with our options and strut our best P.Js.

National Family PJ Day dates

2024November 14Thursday
2025November 14Friday
2026November 14Saturday
2027November 14Sunday
2028November 14Tuesday

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