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National DTC (Direct-To-Consumer) Friday – November 15, 2024

National Direct-To-Consumer Friday, or National DTC Friday, takes place every year, exactly two weeks before Black Friday in the United States. This year, it takes place on November 15. This day is the first national shopping holiday that celebrates and empowers the direct-to-consumer movement, a business model that gets rid of third parties and connects product sellers and service providers directly with their clients, thus offering a faster and much more efficient process. The date right before Black Friday was chosen to accelerate and support the D.T.C. community and spread the word about it, as there are many options in the market and consumers can get confused when they are about to buy something.

History of National DTC (Direct-To-Consumer) Friday

When ‘digital native’ brands, such as Bonobos and Warby Parker first appeared on the radar over a decade ago, in the late 2000s, the traditional retail model was forever disrupted. Nowadays, over two-thirds of consumers demand direct connectivity to brands. It’s essential to invest in developing long-term relationships with consumers to succeed in a world where, for example, 40% of consumers purchased a direct-to-consumer (D.T.C.) company in 2019.

But believe it or not, the basis of D.T.C. traces back to the late 1700s, during which time, advances in transportation and technology meant a decrease in freight, and people used to consume locally because of geographical advantages. The purpose of D.T.C. was to lower prices for consumers and raise profits for farmers and manufacturers, and even though it worked, D.T.C. only became popular during the late 1990s, when it was mainly used by online retailers as the Internet kept getting stronger and stronger.

Consumers loved the exclusive experience and close relationships they were building directly with product makers — regardless of the price they paid. That’s why it is said that National Direct-To-Consumer Friday was founded by everyday people looking to solve everyday problems. D.T.C. brands have taken on the burden of manufacturing, distributing, and marketing their products because they are passionate about finding a better way, and thus, they should be celebrated.

National DTC (Direct-To-Consumer) Friday timeline

The First U.S. Department Store

Arnold Constable, the first department store in the U.S., opens its doors in New York City.

Teleshopping is Invented

It is created by Michael Aldrich, who connects a television to a real-time transaction processing computer via a telephone line.

The Internet is Made Public

The World Wide Web officially launches for everyone.

The First Online Transaction is Made

Dan Kohn makes the first online transaction, as he sells a C.D. to a friend in Philadelphia.

National DTC (Direct-To-Consumer) Friday FAQs

Why do people choose direct selling?

Direct selling offers consumers an alternative to retail stores and a cost-effective way for businesses to bring products to market.

Is DT.C. more profitable than wholesale?

According to a new study from BMO Capital Markets, profitability may be better selling through wholesale channels.

Are D.T.C. brands profitable?

Experts state that D.T.C. brands are usually profitable in their first 12 months.

National DTC (Direct-To-Consumer) Friday Activities

  1. Support a D.T.C. company

    You can support your favorite D.T.C. company by posting a photo of a product on social media or recommending it to a friend. You can also help the company by purchasing other products.

  2. Discover new brands

    Discover new brands by searching online or asking around. You can find interesting new options and brands to shop better.

  3. Share a post on social media

    Post something using the hashtag #shopbetter on social media. You can share information about the options that are available to consumers to actually shop better.

5 D.T.C. Companies

  1. Allbirds

    This company is an apparel brand known for its machine washable wool sneakers.

  2. Away

    A travel company that makes functional, modern, designer luggage and travel accessories.

  3. Billie

    This company is a subscription service that sells body care products, such as razors, lotion, and body wash.

  4. Birchbox

    It is a monthly subscription service that sends customers boxes of beauty and skincare product samples.

  5. Chewy

    This company is an online retailer specializing in pet food, toys, and supplies.

Why We Love National DTC (Direct-To-Consumer) Friday

  1. D.T.C. is beneficial to companies

    Many experts state that brands are switching to D.T.C. because they want to maximize their income. Long story short, companies aim at raising profit, so they will do what is necessary to achieve it.

  2. There is no need for middlemen

    Another benefit of D.T.C. is that there is no need for middlemen. Purchasing and selling can be done directly with the company.

  3. Brands have full control of their product

    Experts say manufacturers want to take full control of their product, brand, messaging, customers, reputations, etc. This is also beneficial to consumers since they are likely to receive perfect information about the product that a brand is offering.

National DTC (Direct-To-Consumer) Friday dates

2022November 11Friday
2023November 10Friday
2024November 15Friday
2025November 14Friday
2026November 13Friday

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