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National American Teddy Bear Day
ThuNov 14

National American Teddy Bear Day – November 14, 2024

Cheers to all teddy bear lovers and owners! Let’s celebrate one of the best toys we’ve ever owned on National American Teddy Bear Day, on November 14. Teddy bears have been our comfort bed pals since our childhood. We give them names, hug them while we sleep and take them everywhere with us. These soft furry friends are a reminder of childhood. Teddy bears come in different sizes, colors, and materials and have been a popular toy choice since their creation in the early 20th century.

History of National American Teddy Bear Day

Do you remember the name of your teddy bear when you were young? Today, we celebrate them, whether you gave them away, stashed them in the attic or still sleep with them.

National American Teddy Bear Day cannot be traced, however, teddy bears can. The first stuffed bear was made by Margarete Steiff for her nephew after they visited a zoo in 1903. The bear toys were named Teddy Bears by Morris Michtom, after he was inspired by a caricature drawn of President Theodore Roosevelt refusing to shoot a bear on a hunting trip in Mississippi on November 14,1902. He sought permission to use his name for the bears and went on to make a lot of teddy bears. Since then, teddy bears have been a part of many childhoods.

Teddy bears were originally made with mohair fur. Mohair is obtained from goats, combed, woven, and trimmed to form a fur covering for the bears. Now, teddy bears are commonly made with velour, satin, denim, and synthetic fur.

Art pieces have been made featuring teddy bears. In 1907, a composer, John Walter Bratton, wrote an instrumental titled ”The Teddy Bears’ Picnic”. Lyrics were added later in 1932 by Jimmy Kennedy. A children’s book series based on bears was written by Seymore Eaton, an American educator. Teddy bears appeared on TV in the 1990s. There was Teddy Ruxpin, Super Ted, and Winnie the Pooh.

Teddy bears have emotional and mental effects on kids. The calming effects that teddy bears have on children led to the introduction of the Teddy Bear Corps program, where police officers, fire, and medical officials give a distressed child a teddy bear in a time of crisis.

Teddy bears are a symbol of love, care, and hugs. They are shared as gifts to show care and love, especially on birthdays and Valentine’s Day.

National American Teddy Bear Day timeline

Won't Shoot a Bear, Teddy?

Stuffed bears are named ‘Teddy Bear’ by Morris Michtom after President Theodore Roosevelt who refused to shoot a bear during a hunting trip.

The First Teddy

German toy maker Margarete Steiff makes the first stuffed bear.

Teddy Gets a Wash

Washable teddies are manufactured with nylon fillings.

A Museum for Teddies?

A teddy bear museum opened in Hampshire, England.

National American Teddy Bear Day FAQs

What were teddy bears originally made with?

They were made with mohair and wool, which were totally unwashable.

What are the differences between the earlier stuffed bears and current ones?

While the teddy bears we have now are cuter and more cuddly, the older versions were made to look exactly like a real bear with extended snouts and round, shiny eyes.

How do I select a teddy bear for a child?

This depends on the age category of the child. The fur is important if you are gifting a baby or toddler; always go with short pile fur that they can’t bite off and swallow. Brown, blue, pink, and white are common colors for teddy bears for children. Go for washable bears with CE marks.

How To Celebrate National American Teddy Bear Day

  1. Have a bear party

    Throw a party in honor of your stuffed buddies and invite your family and friends to join!

  2. Share a teddy

    You would never need to throw a teddy bear away. You can donate them to children and make them smile.

  3. Watch teddy bear movies

    Teddy bears have long been on our screens. Tune in and enjoy some teddy bear cartoons or movies.

5 Fun Facts About Teddy Bears

  1. The world's largest teddy

    The 55 feet 4 inches tall stitched bear is named C.T.Dreams and has been standing tall in Wichita, Kansas since 2008.

  2. Do you think you love teddies?

    Well, that's if you have more than 8026 stuffed bears like Jackie Miley from South Dakota.

  3. The world's smallest teddy

    Created by Cheryl Moss, this minute bear is just 0.29 inches tall.

  4. Teddy on TV

    The first teddy bear adaptation on TV is “The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin”, in 1986.

  5. Old word

    The first use of ‘teddy bear’ by the Oxford English dictionary is dated to 1906.

Why We Love National American Teddy Bear Day

  1. It reminds us of our childhood

    We are reminded of our childhood memories such as sleeping with our favorite teddy.

  2. We show that we care

    Teddy bears are trademarks of love and care. By celebrating and sharing them, we are showing care to others.

  3. We receive love

    Even as we share love through teddy bears, we also get reminders that we are loved as well.

National American Teddy Bear Day dates

2024November 14Thursday
2025November 14Friday
2026November 14Saturday
2027November 14Sunday
2028November 14Tuesday

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