National Pickle Day – November 14, 2019

Thu Nov 14

While the world of food is constantly seeing new innovations, there’s one food type that just won’t seem to quit: pickles. We’re not just talking your garden-variety kosher cucumber pickles (which are a relatively new twist on this ancient food prep technique) — we’re talking pickled cabbage, cauliflower, and so much more. Humans have been pickling vegetables for thousands of years, as for a long time, it was the most effective way of preserving them for long stretches of time. On November 14th, we celebrate this time-tested tradition with National Pickle Day!

National Pickle Day Activities

  1. Break a Record

    Got an appetite for pickles? Test your limits and see if you can break the world record for pickle consumption — the current holder of the throne gobbled up more than five-and-a-half pounds of pickles ... in six minutes. Good luck!

  2. Envision Your Own Variety

    You've had pickles you loved, but have you ever made pickles you loved? This ancient food prep technique is easier now than ever, with attachments that make it a mess-free endeavor. We've included a link below!

  3. Take a World Tour

    Various parts of Asia, Europe, and North and South America all have their own take on pickled vegetables. See which ones you can find near you, and try plotting them on a map! You'll be surprised how far you can travel in a single day — as long as you bring your appetite.

Why We Love National Pickle Day

  1. Savor All The Flavors

    Are you into sweet? Spicy? Sour? Salty? If you answered yes to any or all of the above, pickles are for you. With a bit of ingenuity, you can uncover depths of flavor through pickles, and in just about any variety you can imagine. Sweet and salty? Give it a go!

  2. Travel The World

    There aren't many foods that are represented across nearly every culture. Pickles, on the other hand, have found a place in countless world cuisines.

  3. You Can Make Your Own

    Pickles don't require any specialized equipment or experience. All you need is some mason jars and some seasonings, and you're on your way! We've even included some instructions below.

National Pickle Day dates
2019November 14Thursday
2020November 14Saturday
2021November 14Sunday
2022November 14Monday
2023November 14Tuesday