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SatNov 30

National Mason Jar Day – November 30, 2024

Mason jars have been popular for decades. They were originally invented with a patented screw top that allowed people to safely can and pickle fruits and vegetables grown in the garden. Today, we also use them for drinking glasses, vases, and even candle holders! Grab some friends and join us in celebrating National Mason Jar Day on November 30 by trying an out-of-the-box craft with your mason jars.

National Mason Jar Day timeline

​Mason jars became collectibles

Although families often kept mason jars for many years, people began buying and selling them as antiques.​

​Blue mason jars became popular

​Many believed a colored glass was better for canning because it blocked light from reaching the fruit or vegetable inside the jar.

The mason jar was born

John Landis Mason invented and patented the glass jar and unique screw top to make canning safer and easier.​

Wax sealing became popular

Preserving food in sealed containers became popular but the wax-sealed method was complicated and often ineffective.

National Mason Jar Day Activities

  1. Try a new mason jar craft

    Try a craft that will get you in the spirit of the holidays! Fill the jars with white sand to emulate snow, and buy trees and characters from a craft store to create a miniature holiday scene. Paint the outside in a snowflake pattern; then, light a candle or put a small string of holiday lights inside the jar to create a festive lantern.

  2. Share your favorite ways to use mason jars

    Use the hashtag #NationalMasonJarDay on social media to show off how you like to use them. You might pack your lunch in mason jars everyday, or perhaps you have flowers planted in a mason jar on your deck. However you use them, share it with others!

  3. Try pickling

    If you've never used a mason jar for its original purpose, National Mason Jar Day is the perfect time to try out pickling! Choose your favorite vegetable and combine vinegar, water, salt, and sugar in a saucepan over high heat. Once everything has dissolved, pour the brine over the vegetable and seal tightly.

​4 Clever Crafts You Can Do With Mason Jars

  1. Make a cupcake in a jar​

    Many people bake cakes and stack them inside a mason jar with icing and sprinkles — similar to a layered parfait.​

  2. Hang your spice rack

    Fill small mason jars with your favorite spices, seal them tight, and then hang them sideways on a magnetic board in your kitchen for cute and handy storage.

  3. ​Make a soap dispenser

    Carefully cut a hole in the lid of a mason jar, fill it with soap, and insert your favorite soap dispenser top.

  4. ​Shake up your drink

    Instead of using a typical martini shaker, try cooling down your next drink by shaking it in a mason jar.​

Why We Love National Mason Jar Day

  1. Mason jars are the perfect blank canvas

    If you're craving a DIY arts and crafts project, look no further than the mason jar. Websites are overflowing with ideas for painting and styling your mason jars to use for purposes you never thought possible!

  2. They come in so many sizes

    Large mason jars are most helpful for pickling or canning bigger fruits and vegetables, but have also been made into drink dispensers and piggy banks. Medium mason jars are perfect for drinking purposes and make an easy, anti-spill travel mug. Small mason jars are great for storing and carrying salad dressings or small snacks, or arranged with tea lights inside them, as candle holders.

  3. Mason jars are sturdy

    Have you ever had to throw away a mason jar? If so, it's probably only happened once or twice. Mason jars are made of thick glass that does not break easily, and the uniform necks of the jars mean that you can screw on any lid and ring. While the band and the jar can be used over and over again, be sure to replace the small metal lid after each use if you're pickling.

National Mason Jar Day dates

2024November 30Saturday
2025November 30Sunday
2026November 30Monday
2027November 30Tuesday
2028November 30Thursday

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