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SunNov 24

International Shift Worker Sunday – November 24, 2024

Shift Worker Sunday, celebrated annually on the last Sunday of November, is all about celebrating the hourly workers who keep our communities thriving through all of life’s moments, big or small, exciting or nerve-wracking — shift after shift.

This day was initiated by Deputy, an award-winning software company with a vision of creating thriving workplaces in every community. Deputy streamlines communication, scheduling, tasks, and timesheets for over 340,000 workplaces and 1.3 million shift workers in more than 100 countries. Over 500 million shifts have been scheduled on Deputy!

On Shift Worker Sunday, we honor the workers who make sacrifices every day, often miss special occasions or events, and work regardless of the time of the day. But who is a shift worker? A shift worker is a person who works in shifts, often changing schedules and working outside the standard 9 am – 5 pm working day.

From our daily stop at the coffee shop to a loved one’s surprise birthday dinner, and even the nerve-wracking doctor’s appointment, shift workers are there supporting us through it all. Deputy asked thousands of shift workers how they like to be recognized for a job well done. The response?

“A simple thank you goes a long way.”

#ASimpleThanks is just the start. Let’s celebrate with Deputy — share #ASimpleThanks and shout out the people, businesses, and moments that make our communities what they are this #ShiftWorkerSunday.

International Shift Worker Sunday FAQs

Who is a shift worker?

A shift worker is an employee who works shifts and gets payment for working shift hours. Shift work can include evening, daytime, night, and early morning shifts, with fixed or rotating schedules.

Why shift work?

Shift work jobs can create an opportunity for more flexible working hours, days, and/or schedules. Many shift work roles allow shift workers to interact face-to-face with their community and create memorable experiences for customers.

What members of my community are shift workers?

A shift worker clocks in for a shift, whether it be an opening shift, a closing shift, or anything in between, and typically gets paid by the hour. Think of the cashier at your local market, the barista, the mechanic, the retail worker, or the nurse you see. This is the day to show gratitude for those moments and return the favor in making their day.

How to Celebrate Shift Worker Sunday

  1. Celebrate a shift worker you know by treating them!

    Here are some ways you can show a #ASimpleThanks for a shift worker on Shift Worker Sunday:

    ☐ Share how they made your day ☐ Leave that great tip ☐ Write that standout review ☐ Give them a gift card to your favorite local business ☐ Write thank you notes/shoutouts ☐ Go the extra mile to show your appreciation!
    For example — you can ask your barista’s favorite menu item and treat them to it. Or get your store cashier a gift card for their holiday shopping! Consider writing a thank you note for the team at your doctor’s office. Maybe send a treat basket to the handyman who saved your day!

  2. Understand shift workers’ time limitations and be patient with them

    Many businesses are short-staffed, and experience rushes during the holiday season. Remember to be extra patient, thank the shift workers you interact with for their service, and consider doing an act of kindness for them!

  3. Join the movement!

    There are over 2.7 billion shift workers worldwide, making up over 80% of the world’s workforce! According to Deputy’s 2023 State of Shift Work survey, 1 in every 2 shift workers wants more recognition at work. Join Deputy in recognizing shift workers on Shift Worker Sunday and year-round, and follow along as they work to build happier, healthier, more engaged workplaces everywhere. Check out to learn more.

5 Facts About Shift Worker Sunday

  1. The average age of a shift worker is 34 years old!

    The average age of a shift worker is 34 years old.

  2. Workloads of 17 shifts per month!

    On average, shift workers work 17 shifts per month. And even then, many take on more or fewer shifts as needed.

  3. Shift workers in the healthcare industry fall ill, most often.

    Particularly in the healthcare industry, shift workers take the most time off sick. The pandemic helped highlight the role of shift workers in the healthcare industry, including their exposure to sickness.

  4. Friday is the busiest day!

    The busiest day for shift workers in many industries is Friday. You can find many shift workers working on weekends and even holidays!

  5. Shift workers say they feel happy at work

    Rotating shifts is usually tough and consuming and often requires sacrifices as time passes. Regardless, 40.5% of shift workers say they feel happy at work!

Why We Love Shift Worker Sunday

  1. Shift workers are the backbone of our society

    Shift workers work tirelessly to make our communities what they are, often working difficult hours and still going the extra mile to make their customers happy. The pandemic only highlighted the essential role shift workers fulfill in our society, making this month the perfect time to thank the shift workers in our lives for how much they — and their hard work — mean to us.

  2. We can recognize and be thankful to shift workers

    On a typical day out on the town, you likely interact with or benefit from the work of countless shift workers, many of whom may be employed by small and local businesses. Those "little" moments throughout the day can often make the biggest difference, yet often go without the recognition they deserve.

  3. We can support them during the holiday season

    The holiday season is one of the most stressful times of year for shift workers! While it's important to celebrate shift workers every day, Shift Worker Sunday provides a great opportunity for our communities to come together and celebrate those from the industries that often work hardest this time of year, like retail, hospitality, healthcare, and delivery/logistics.

International Shift Worker Sunday dates

2023November 26Sunday
2024November 24Sunday
2025November 30Sunday
2026November 29Sunday
2027November 28Sunday

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