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SatNov 30

National Mousse Day – November 30, 2024

National Mousse Day is celebrated on November 30 every year, and we can’t wait to whip up some lovey-dovey sweetness for our near and dear ones. If you’re fond of decadent desserts, you should definitely get the most out of this food holiday. Did you know that the word ‘mousse’ is derived from French? In Old French, it means ‘froth’ or ‘foam’. As the name suggests, this appetizer is made by beating egg whites and cream until they turn light and fluffy like foam. Although it is more popularly served as a dessert, mousse can also be prepared as a savory. Depending on the type of mousse, its consistency can vary from thick and creamy to light and airy. Originally prepared in France, mousse found its way into the United States only in the late 19th century. And aren’t we all glad that it did? 

History of National Mousse Day

When someone says ‘mousse’, don’t you often imagine it as a chocolaty delight? We know — almost always! Surprisingly, mousse was first concocted as a savory dish in 18th century France. It was only in the latter half of the 19th century that fruit mousses became a thing. The French would add whipped cream into fruit, coffee, or liqueurs, or pour the cream on top in the shape of a pyramid. They called this ‘crème en mousse,’ which means ‘cream in a foam’. Present-day recipes of mousse have branched out from this bygone tradition. If you are not a fan of whipped cream, you may consider replacing it with some viciously whisked egg whites. 

The most popular version of mousse today, chocolate mousse, wasn’t always so popular. In fact, it really got into the public eye in the U.S. in the 1930s. This was the time when chocolate pudding was being introduced into American food culture. You could say that the chocolate mousse drew its inspiration from pudding. 

Mousses are ideally served cold, while sweet mousses are sometimes served frozen. The best thing about mousse is that it conveniently lends itself to both savory and sweet recipes. From a thick salmon mousse as a starter to smooth raspberry mousse or the classic chocolate mousse for dessert, there is practically no limit to the flavors that a mousse can embrace. Whereas it also works as a filling in pastries and parfaits, a savory mousse goes well with cheese and fruit platters, turning them into good-looking appetizers.

In many restaurants today, savory mousses are prepared using foie gras, shellfish, avocado, poultry, vegetables, cheese, and other ingredients. Commonly dished out as a light entrée or an appetizer, mousses are often stabilized by adding gelatin to them.

National Mousse Day timeline

The Mousse is Documented

The first-ever documented record of chocolate mousse comes from a Food Exposition held at Madison Square Garden, N.Y.C.

First Recipe Appears in Print

The Boston Daily Globe publishes one of the first recipes for chocolate mousse, in its 'Housekeeper’s Column.'

Late 19th century
Fruit Desserts Make an Entry

The first sweet mousses make their entry into America, and they are fruit mousses topped with whipped cream.

Mousse Introduced

Chocolate pudding — the predecessor of chocolate mousse — is introduced into American food culture.

National Mousse Day FAQs

Is there a separate holiday to celebrate chocolate mousse?

Yes! While National Mousse day celebrates all kinds of mousses, we have a day designated only for chocolate mousse. We celebrate it on April 3.

Is vegan mousse a thing?

Very much. With a lot of people turning vegan, restaurants are trying to incorporate vegan mousses into their menus. Some of the commonly known substitutes for whipped egg whites are avocados, cashew nut paste, and chickpea brine. 

What are some of the best places to try mousse in New York?

While there are innumerable places in New York that serve mousse, the best ones include Veniero’s Pasticceria & Caffe in East Village, Ferrara Bakery on 195 Grand St., Carlo’s Bake Shop on 625 8th Ave, and Dulce Vida Latin Bistro on 1219 Lexington Ave.

National Mousse Day Activities

  1. Try a new mousse recipe

    National Mousse Day is the perfect occasion to try your hands at baking, and whip up a unique mousse recipe. We place our bets on salted caramel mousse, pumpkin mousse, and blue cheese mousse. Go on, let your friends and family oooh with your baking skills!

  2. Go out for a moussey dinner

    On a food holiday, what could be a better way of celebrating it than going out for a sumptuous dinner with your loved ones? We’d suggest you opt for a mousse parlor and try out interesting mousse dishes.

  3. Shout out on social media

    This National Mousse Day, raise a toast to the makers of mousse, for bringing this delicious treat into our lives. Create an appreciation post on social media to let the world know of this amazing food holiday.

5 Important Facts About Mousse

  1. Thanks to electric mixers

    The invention of electric mixers led to the widespread popularity of mousse — it is assumed that the first mixer with an electric motor was invented by Rufus Eastman in 1885.

  2. What a fish!

    Fish mousse, paired with bread and butter, used to be a much sought-after meal in America — although it has lost its popularity in recent times, fish mousse is still served as a party dip, by esteemed mousse aficionados.

  3. Largest mousse in the world

    Aventura Mall in Miami set a Guinness World Record for the largest chocolate mousse, by preparing a mousse weighing about 496 pounds.

  4. Why foamy?

    Eggs and cream when beaten to perfection form air bubbles that give mousse its light and airy texture.

  5. Hot or cold?

    Mousse can be frozen to make ice cream, as well as served hot.

Why We Love National Mousse Day

  1. A divine dish

    Isn’t it wonderful to have a day designated to appreciate the beauty of mousse? You can’t deny that a scoop of creamy mousse has the power to brighten an otherwise mundane day. And we absolutely love that about mousse!

  2. Versatile

    Whether you’re craving a dessert or a savory appetizer, mousse can always bend itself to suit your taste buds. Basically, it can make everyone happy.

  3. Meetups and hangouts

    Mousse Day gives us the opportunity to invite our friends over for a bake-over (like a sleepover) and hang out with them at our favorite dessert parlor. Isn’t that lovely?

National Mousse Day dates

2024November 30Saturday
2025November 30Sunday
2026November 30Monday
2027November 30Tuesday
2028November 30Thursday

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