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ThuOct 10

National Angel Food Cake Day – October 10, 2024

National Angel Food Cake Day is on October 10 and we suggest using a mixer to bake this delicious delight, except if you’re looking to work out those arms. This spongy and fluffy dessert’s name is derived from its texture — light and airy — and is enjoyed by thousands all over the world.

History of National Angel Food Cake Day

Angel food cake is a low-carb cake recipe that is baked mostly from thoroughly beaten egg whites infused with flour and sugar. Historically, this dessert has been an all-time American favorite since its discovery, due to its lightweight, chewy and airy texture.

The origin of this cake has been debated over the years, even though it is believed to have originated in the United States in the mid-1800s. Historians believe that these cakes originated from African American slaves because making the cake required intensive labor to whip air into the egg whites. Alternatively, a number of historians suggest that angel food cakes originated in southeastern Pennsylvania because of the abundant production of cake molds in the area.

Regardless of its origin, the angel food cake has different cultural significances among varying ethnic groups and indigenous people. Among African Americans, angel food cakes are commonly served at funeral receptions to signify a deceased person’s transition into the realm of the angels. Among the Pennsylvania Dutch, it is traditionally served as a wedding cake, signifying the blessing of a couple’s union by the angels.

However different its significance among different cultures might be, one thing that everyone can agree on, is that angel food cake is a delicious delight, no matter the occasion, especially when topped off with a glaze or whipped cream for some extra deliciousness.
The beginning of the celebration of this day is unknown but its popularity is so widespread that it’s no wonder people all over the United States and in other parts of the world celebrate this day annually.

National Angel Food Cake Day timeline

Angel Food Cake Popularity

This fluffy light-weight delicious delight becomes popular in the United States.

“The Kentucky Housewife”

The first recipe for a sponge cake is written in Lettice Bryan’s cookbook.

“The Home Messenger Book of Tested Recipes”

Isabella Stewart’s cookbook contains the first recipe for angel food cake.

“Boston Cooking School Cook Book”

A recipe for something called ‘angel cake,’ something very similar to the original angel food cake recipes, appears in a cookbook by Mary Lincoln.

National Angel Food Cake Day FAQs

Can you bake angel food cake in a regular pan?

It is important to bake these cakes in a tube pan. Alternatively, they can be baked in a pan without a non-stick coating.

Why does angel food cake have a hole in the middle?

The hole is essential to allow the cake batter to cling to the sides of the pan while rising.

What is the difference between a sponge cake and an angel cake?

Angel cakes are made with egg whites while sponge cakes are made with egg whites and yolk.

How to Observe National Angel Food Cake Day

  1. Bake an angel food cake

    Gather your friends and family for a fun family baking project. Try out different recipes and toppings for this delicious dessert.

  2. Teach the kids how to bake

    Share your favorite angel food cake recipe with your child’s class and invite the kids to recreate the recipe in a mini-cooking class.

  3. Exchange recipes

    Find another passionate angel cake lover and try to recreate each other’s recipes. If you both have similar recipes, bake something entirely new and different.

5 Interesting Facts About Angel Food Cakes

  1. No butter

    Angel food cakes have lower fat content than regular cakes because they are baked without butter.

  2. Tube pan

    These sponge cakes are baked in tube pans with holes in the center.

  3. “New York Times”

    In 1880, a recipe for angel food cake was published in the “New York Times.”

  4. Angel food cake toppings

    There are several options to choose from when choosing toppings for an angel food cake.

  5. A lot of flavors

    Angel food cakes come in different flavors for an enriching experience.

Why National Angel Food Cake Day is Important

  1. Pairs nicely with food varieties

    Angel food cake can be enjoyed with fruits, ice cream, custard, curd, or whipped cream. Its rich crumb-filled texture allows you to experiment with different toppings for a new experience.

  2. It goes great with sweet wine

    Give your tastebuds an explosion of flavor. Have some angel food cake with a glass of sweet wine for an amazing experience.

  3. A reminder that angel food cakes exist

    Imagine a world without these fluffy delightful cakes. National Angel Food Cake Day is a reminder of the existence of this delicious dessert.

National Angel Food Cake Day dates

2024October 10Thursday
2025October 10Friday
2026October 10Saturday
2027October 10Sunday
2028October 10Tuesday

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