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Local Government Day – October 10, 2024

Local Government Day is designated as October 10, under Proclamation No. 63, enacted on October 2, 1992, by then-President Fidel Ramos. The decree acknowledges the role of local government entities in nation-building. On October 10, 1991, Republic Act No. 7160, often known as the Local Government Code of 1991, was signed into law. The year 2022 commemorates the 31st anniversary of its enactment.

History of Local Government Day

The Philippines’ Constitution acknowledges the role of local governments. Local governments are the base of the entire government structure, and local government acts have a greater direct impact on the average person than national government activities. The ordinary person has more and closer relationships with local governments and their agencies than with national or provincial governments and is more concerned with local issues than with national or provincial issues.

In the early 1950s, designated presidential delegates to municipal and provincial governments formed an association to advocate for changes and the ratification of the planned Local Autonomy Bill. The Local Autonomy Bill of 1957 was approved in 1957, paving the way for the election of local government officials who formed a league. The structure of local government officials grew with the ratification of the Barrio Charter, which recognized the barrio as a unit of local government. The group advocated for genuine power and authority, as well as the material resources required to rule and provide services. The organization thereafter took part in the allocation of internal revenue (I.R.A.).

The President of the Philippines is in charge of the entire country. However, for administrative reasons, the Philippines is divided into smaller groups called political subdivisions. Provinces, municipalities, cities, and barangays are some examples. These political units have considerable autonomy, particularly in local matters. They are, however, subject to the Chief Executive’s overall oversight via the Secretary of the Department of Interior and Local Government (D.I.L.G.). These local governments are agents of the national government in terms of tax collection, law enforcement, and other governmental tasks that the national government may delegate to these local governments.

Local Government Day timeline

Spanish Discovered Philippines

The islands are 'discovered' by a Spanish expedition and named after a Spanish prince.

Gain Independence

Following Japan's seizure of the islands during World War II, the Republic of the Philippines achieves independence.

Responsive and Accountable Government

The Local Government Code of the Philippines was enacted by Congress to "provide for a more responsive and accountable local government structure established through a system of decentralization."

Celebrates The Enactment

According to Presidential Proclamation No. 63, the month of October is designated as Local Government Month, the second week of October as Local Government Week, and October 10 as Local Government Day.

Local Government Day FAQs

What are the five different forms of local governments in the Philippines?

Autonomous regions, provinces, municipalities, cities, and barangays are examples. These political units have considerable autonomy, particularly in local matters.

Who is the Father of the Local Government Code?

Aquilino “Nene” Pimentel Jr. was known as the Father of the Local Government Code. He was also the main author of the Code.

When did the local government in the Philippines begin?

The League was legally founded with the passage of its charter on May 25, 1988, following the ratification of the 1987 Philippine Constitution. When the Congress was established, the League actively participated in the creation of a new local government code.

How to Observe Local Government Day

  1. Participate in an event

    Throughout the day, the Local Government hosts several events aimed at preparing the country for democracy. Parades, speeches, and other celebratory activities are among them.

  2. Learn more about the government

    Learning about the government on the day is one option for enhancing good local governance. It is also important to foster sustainable and resilient Filipino communities.

  3. Share it on social media

    Share your story about participating in local government activities on social media with the hashtag #LocalGovernmentDay. You also share stories about your neighborhood and how it improves the quality of life for its residents.

5 Facts About Philippines

  1. The yo-yo was invented

    A Filipino-American invented the popular stringed toy inspired by an ancient Filipino hunting weapon.

  2. 80% of the population is Catholic

    Spain's lasting legacy is Catholicism, which accounts for roughly 80% of the population, and about 5% of the population is Muslim, and the rest of the population is made up of smaller Christian denominations and Buddhists.

  3. More than 111 dialects

    Because of the subdivisions of basic regional and cultural groups, the Philippines has over 111 dialects spoken.

  4. 13th among the most populous countries

    As of this writing, the Philippines is ranked 13th among the world's most populous countries.

  5. One of the largest archipelagos

    The Philippines is composed of around 7,641 islands, making it one of the largest archipelagos worldwide.

Why Local Government Day is Important

  1. It's an opportunity to learn about the government

    Take some time on Local Government Day to learn more about the Philippines and its journey to independence if you don't know much about the history of this fascinating archipelago. Learning about history can help us in the present day.

  2. It's a commemoration

    Local Government Day commemorates how the government has done so much good for the Philippines. This holiday allows people to participate in and participate in activities in a positive and inspiring manner.

  3. It serves as a reminder of liberty

    This holiday serves to remind Filipinos of their country's progress, in addition to commemorating how local governments have functioned up to this point. Taking the time to appreciate how far a country has come is important.

Local Government Day dates

2024October 10Thursday
2025October 10Friday
2026October 10Saturday
2027October 10Sunday
2028October 10Tuesday

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